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How is the gaming system different from other systems? What are the best gaming computers and what points should you pay attention to while buying?

It is possible to play with a normal desktop or laptop, but if you want to enjoy more modern games such as those that have a 4K time frame, you will need powerful systems called gaming computers or gaming laptops, which in addition to The central processor has a strong GPU and graphics card and has a more advanced cooling system. Therefore, in this article, we intend to introduce you the features of these systems and some of the most famous gaming series.

The effect of gaming system on efficiency and speed in the game

The difference between a normal system and a gaming computer is like the difference between a Ferrari and a Chevrolet. Both of these cars will get you to your destination, but definitely one of them will do it much faster and more easily. Ordinary computers are designed for common uses such as browsing the Internet, working with the office, playing movies, etc. It is even possible to play some light games on them.

But if you want to experience medium to high games, you should use a variety of gaming computers to see less lag. On the other hand, since these systems are specially assembled for the game, they have a higher processing ability and the parts are not damaged. On the other hand, energy saving will not be a priority in these systems and the presence of a powerful fan is necessary.

Features of gaming computers and laptops

There are four important features for gaming laptops and computers that you should pay attention to:

  • operating system
  • Screen size
  • Processor
  • graphic card

Modern computer games require more processing power to run smoothly and at high speed, and one of the most important differences between a laptop or office computer and a specialized gaming system is their ability to process graphics.

These systems often have a more powerful graphics card and dedicated RAM, a graphics processor (GPU) and a strong cooling system to handle this high volume of processing without lag, excessive heat, and damage to the hardware.

In simple words, a laptop designed for gaming has more power so that the game can be played at a higher speed and quality.

All kinds of gaming computers and special laptops with graphics cards

Of course, if you want to play 4K games smoothly and enjoy technologies such as virtual reality, you will need a special gaming computer system, which we will mention here:

Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 Core i5 laptop

16 GB of RAM, GTX1650 graphics card, 4 GB of graphics memory, along with a resolution of 1920×1080 and a 4-core Core i5 processor, make this laptop a suitable and relatively economical option for playing medium and medium games. turned up. Using this laptop, you can play, record and play at the same time and be sure of the smooth running of everything.

Asus TUF Gaming F15 FX506LH laptop

Thanks to the presence of 32 GB RAM, 4 GB GTX 1650 graphics card, 1920×1080 resolution and a 4-core Core i5 processor, you will be able to play games such as Call of Duty and GTA V without lag. And enjoy the speed and efficiency of this laptop. In terms of price, this laptop can be placed in the middle category, and since this product carries the name of Asus, it will eliminate all doubts about the purchase.

Banino Clutch gaming computer

Old and professional gamers always prefer to use desktop computers to enjoy the game world. The Banino Clutch assembled computer is one of the best and most powerful options for gaming with 16GB RAM, 8GB Asus TUF RTX3070Ti graphics card and Core i7 processor. Have an opinion.

Buy gaming cases at real prices outside the famous bubble

Since the number of gamers is increasing these days and the demand for buying assembled computers and gaming laptops has increased, as a result, it is natural that the prices of these goods will increase day by day. But in Bani Nou, conditions have been provided by using which you can access the best gaming case and laptop at a reasonable price and outside the bubble.

The price of a complete gaming case (assembled system for the game)

The price of gaming cases and laptops depends on various factors. You can get laptops from about 35 million tomans and above. Gaming cases also start from 15 million Tomans and the more the facilities and processing capacity increase, the price will increase.

All kinds of gaming laptops with brand new warranty

As you know, tuf laptop and Rog series laptop, both of Asus brand, are considered the best options for gaming and heavy design work.

Tuf series laptops

TUF laptop can be considered an affordable and suitable option for those who intend to enter the world of computer games. A laptop that is suitable for professional and semi-professional gamers in terms of hardware, in this series, which can be considered the best option for buying a gaming laptop, can run heavy games with a reasonable frame rate. slow The most important advantage of tuf laptops is their 144 Hz display. You can buy this product with a brand new warranty.

Tuf series laptops

Rog series laptops

If you are a little far from the world of newbies, probably buying a rog laptop with a brand new warranty can be a more suitable option for you. A professional laptop that can be considered as one of the best gaming computers in this series, which have a very high durability and the power of the processor and graphic processing is very high and significant.

Rog series laptops


Now Bonnie Nu offers assembled gaming systems



A gaming laptop and computer is a system that is specially made for playing computer games and uses a powerful graphics card to provide the best possible image and gaming experience to gamers. Therefore, if you intend to play, it is better to look for systems that are made exactly for this purpose. Here and in this article, we tried to introduce you to a number of famous models and series for buying gaming systems. We hope you enjoy the adventure in the world of games!

common questions

What is the best series of gaming laptops?

Rog laptops can be considered the best series of products that are suitable for professional gamers.

What is the best laptop brand for gaming?

Asus, Dell and Lenovo are among the best possible options.

What is the price range of the gaming case?

You can get a gaming case from about 15 million tomans.

What is the price range of gaming laptops?

To buy a suitable gaming laptop, you should spend at least 35 million tomans.

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