Bard’s AI chatbot will be upgraded soon

The competition in the world of artificial intelligence-based chatbots is getting more intense day by day, to the point where Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that Bard, the company’s newest chatbot, will soon be upgraded.

Google has different language models based on which it can build a chatbot. Of course, the more advanced and comprehensive the language model is, the better the chatbot will perform. Now Google wants to do the same for Bard.

Bard AI chatbot is upgraded to PaLM model

Speaking to the New York Times Hard Fork podcast, Sundar Pichai has announced Bard’s upgrade to more advanced language models:

“Undoubtedly, we have more powerful language models. Soon – maybe even while this podcast is live – we’ll be upgrading Bard to some more advanced PaLM models to bring more capabilities to this chatbot; Greater reasoning abilities, coding and better answering of math questions. You will see this improvement within a week.”

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google
Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

Pichai said in this podcast that the Bard AI chatbot is based on a lightweight and efficient version of LaMDA; A linguistic model of artificial intelligence that focuses on conversations. PaLM is a newer model compared to LaMDA and is also larger. According to Google, this model is more capable than LaMDA in terms of reasoning and coding.

Bard’s AI chatbot was first released to users on April 1, 1402 (March 21), but to date, it has not performed well and failed to attract users of ChatGPT and even Bing’s chatbot. Of course, this lack of success is not without reason; Because according to the surveys, Bard has a weaker performance than its two competitors.

According to Pichai, one of the reasons Bard’s capabilities are limited is because Google is cautious. Additionally, Pichai confirmed speaking with Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, but denied announcing a “code red” for faster chatbot development. However, the CEO of Google says that some employees may have used the word code red in their email.

It remains to be seen whether Google can put a real challenge to Microsoft’s ChatGPT and Bing by upgrading its Bard AI chatbot.

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