Battlefield 2042 is added to Game Pass Ultimate via EA Play

EA announced that the game Battlefield 2042 Simultaneously with the beginning of the third season through EA Play to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service will be added.

According to the official announcement of Electronic Arts, the content of the third season of Battlefield 2042 will be released at the end of November It will be unveiled, which is naturally expected to be available to players in a short time. Now it is clear that with the start of the third season, this game through the subscription service EA Play, which is available to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, will be available to subscribers of this subscription service of Microsoft. Battlefield 2042 is the latest creation of DICE studio in this series, which was released in November 2021.

It is known that subscribers of EA Play service on PlayStation consoles can also experience Battlefield 2042. The developers of BF2042 also gave fans an explanation of the big changes that will be implemented through the content of the third and fourth seasons of the game. So it is said that Battlefield 2042 base game maps It will undergo changes over the next two seasons and will also see improvements to the Specialists system The game will also be applied, which is more similar to the classification structure of the old Battlefield games he does.

The third season of Battlefield 2042 in Game Pass

In addition, it is said that the development team will finally bring more content from Battlefield Portal to the main game. For starters, the XM8 weapon from Bad Company 2 and the A-91 from Battlefield 3 are mentioned, which will be added from the beginning of the third season. It is clear that Battlefield 2042, with the many problems it had at the time of release, is still involved in some changes so that perhaps EA can make it an acceptable experience for the many fans of this series.

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