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Bayonetta 3, the latest creation from Platinum Games, is exactly the crazy and fun hack and slash game users have been waiting for. Stay with Zoomji by reviewing this game.

It cannot be denied that PlatinumGames has a special skill in making hack and slash games. Nowadays, different games and collections have been created by this Japanese studio that shows this statement, and Bayonetta is definitely one of them. It was during the game awards ceremony of 2017 that Bayonetta 3 was introduced with the release of a short teaser and then went into news silence.

Bayonetta in the middle of the Bayonetta 3 game

Meanwhile, five years have passed since the introduction of Bayonetta 3, and finally, users are able to experience the newest creation of Platinum Games. Bayonetta 3 is a worthy and attractive hack and slash product that has a small but impressive problem that prevents it from claiming the title of the most perfect version of the series. The story starts from where Bayonetta of the first version, along with a girl named Viola, was fighting with Singularity, and this fight led to the defeat and death of Bayonetta.

At the same time, thanks to Bayonetta, Viola escaped at the last moment and entered the world, or rather, entered another timeline. Therefore, Viola has a big task, and that is nothing more than convincing Bayonetta of the new timeline to destroy the Singularity. Both previous versions of Bayonetta have shown a different timeline and the third version is no exception. However, the game and the way it starts tells about the story telling in a separate timeline, but the further we go, we see other bayontas from other worlds, and the third edition contains the most complicated story compared to the other editions.

Bayonetta 3 game chases

Of course, this complexity does not mean that we are witnessing a dumb and baseless narrative. Storytelling in the Bayonetta series has always been as simple and casual as possible, and Bayonetta 3, with all its story foliage, offers a simple and lovely narrative. A narrative that is full of action scenes, crazy and strange and western that will nail the audience to their seats. That being said, the game has two endings, the first one may confuse the audience a little, but the main ending of Bayonetta 3 is a new beginning for new adventures that can be expanded in future releases.

The third version contains the most complicated story compared to other versions

Bayonetta 3 is a third-person hack and slash game where players control Bayonetta in most stages. Studio Platinum Games has taken inspiration and help from other elements of video game genres to create an exciting and varied gameplay. In other words, Bayonetta 3 is not just a simple hack and slash game. Here we see four sub-stages, which are considered as a sub-stage on the surface, but have a great impact on the story of the game and completing them is mandatory. These four stages are available to the audience in the form of a side scrolling game.

Viola in the desert environment of Bayonetta 3

Also, some of the boss fights in the game are played like a fighting game. Where you are in the form of the evil and powerful dragon Bayonetta on one side of the image and the desired boss is on the other side of the image and fight each other. The interesting thing is that the battles and gameplay elements of the game are not done simply. In the mentioned battles with bosses, due to the low or high frame of normal shots (a case that is considered more accurately and in more detail in fighting games), gas and guarding, different priorities have been made that paying attention to them can make you win. Or in the side-scrolling sub-stages of the game, stealth plays a very important role and through it you can easily eliminate enemies.

The original ending of Bayonetta 3 is a new beginning for new adventures that can be expanded in future releases.

The combat system of the game is such that Bayonetta can damage the enemies with his fist, kick and gun, but his blows are designed in such a way that both professional users of this category of games and novice users can easily enjoy the combat of the game. In other words, Bayonetta’s hits can be created by combining several other combos, or by simply spamming the buttons, you can take a single combo and apply it to all enemies. Thanks to the story of the game, you will encounter Bayontas from other timelines during your adventure, and at the end of your visit, you can take possession of their weapons and demons.

Bayonetta's dragon fighting a homunculus in Bayonetta 3

This has caused the combat system of the game to have a good diversity both in terms of the use of daemons and the use of different weapons. Therefore, according to your fighting style, you can use two weapons at the same time. For example, Ignis Araneae is a very fast weapon, and thanks to it, you can move around the environment at a high speed and apply successive blows in the shortest possible time, but the amount of damage to the enemies is not so high. On the other hand, the Ribbit Libido weapon is considered a heavy weapon for Bayonetta, but it inflicts high damage.

Thanks to the story of the game, you will encounter Bayontas from other timelines during your adventure, and at the end of your visit, you can take possession of their weapons and demons.

At the beginning, I said that in Bayonetta 3, the player is not only in charge of Bayonetta’s character, but you will also experience the game with Jane and Viola. Jane, who is in charge of the secondary stages, and you do some of the main stages with the character of Viola. In terms of fighting, Viola’s combat system is different from Bayonetta’s and even the way to dodge and use slow motion in the game works differently for Viola. Sometimes we see diversity and different elements in the gameplay of a game, but they are not that efficient and it is only used to fill the content. This is despite the fact that all the elements of gameplay and diversity are applied in order to entertain more audiences with different tastes, and I must say that Platinum Games has been successful in this way.

Bayonetta preparing to destroy her opponent in Bayonetta 3

Apart from the sub stages of Bayonetta 3 which are well designed, the main stages of the game are also well designed and entertain the audience. One of the features of the Bayonetta series is the crazy character of the Bayonetta games and the way he reacts and interacts with the events and characters of the game world. We see these things in the third edition. In some sequences and stages, Bayonetta taunts other characters, and in others, he tries to show his power and authority to the enemy through his dramatic movements. Each stage has different battles, each battle is in the form of a verse.

Each of the three main characters of the game has its own gameplay

Platinum Games has designed each stage of Bayonetta 3 like a beautiful piece of music, which includes different verses, and among them sub-verses are considered, which if you are looking for more challenge, you can complete them to get valuable rewards. The only fault that can be found in Bayonetta 3 is related to the graphics of the game. Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch today, Platinum Games has shown that it can deliver products that offer a visually pleasing experience. Meanwhile, Bayonetta 3 does not perform well in this respect and we see a product almost similar to the second version that was released in 2014.

Viola fighting enemies in Bayonetta 3

However, the cutscenes and action scenes of Bayonetta 3 are so well designed that you can tolerate the poor graphics of the game and cope with it easily. Apart from the items mentioned in the design section, all game bosses have a unique design and some of them challenge the audience. Of course, this challenge is not in a way that you will be annoyed, you just have to use the features that the game has provided you, and the proper and timely use of the skills of Bayonetta or Viola has created a challenge in the battle with the bosses. Technically, Bayonetta 3 is at a good level, and whether in portable mode or connected to the dock, the game provides you with a smooth and suitable experience.

The music and dialogues of Bayonetta 3 are also well matched with the atmosphere and atmosphere of the game. During the battle with normal enemies, bosses and cinematic cutscenes, we see music that puts the user in the heart of the battle or cutscene. The voices and dialogues of the characters are also in a way that you will communicate with them. In the end, Bayonetta 3 can be considered a great, exciting and crazy experience that surprises you moment by moment, and although it is visually weak, this weakness does not prevent you from enjoying your 13-15-hour experience. Don’t go and have fun.

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