Beginning of access to DirectStorage 1.1 on PC; Up to 3 times faster loading

A new version of GPU Direct Storage decompress technology is available for PC platform developers from today, which can lead to a significant improvement in the loading process of games.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that DirectStorage 1.1 technology would soon be available for PCs. Now the time has come and developers can get access to the latest GPU decompression technology right now. For those who are not familiar with this technology, it should be said that DirectStorage 1.1 is an API on the PC platform that enables more efficient streaming of data from NVMe SSD memory. and thus reducing the data processing overhead for provides developers.

This was one of the long-awaited features of the Velocity architecture on the Xbox Series X and S consoles, which now brings this new DirectStorage technology API to PC. DirectStorage technology improved data transfer to the CPU after its initial release for PCs, but version 1.1 By providing the possibility to offload processing on The GPU further enhances the process of decompressing the data.

According to Microsoft’s description, DirectStorage 1.1 takes the CPU out of this cycle and introduces the ability to decompress data on the GPU. This can significantly increase the speed of the process. GPUs are better optimized for parallel operations and can perform such tasks much faster. In addition, transferring data from GPU memory to GPU is much easier and faster.

DirectStorage 1.1 functionality

Based on the results obtained from Microsoft’s optimal tests, DirectStorage technology 1.1 It can improve the loading of games and accelerate it up to 3 times compared to the previous version. Microsoft confirmed that DirectStorage 1.1 will be compatible with all graphics cards on the market that support Shader Model 6.0. However, the best performance experience is dedicated to graphics processors with DirectX12 Ultimate. While DS1.1 can be used with Windows 10 and Windows 11, it should theoretically be better for Windows 11 to use it, due to the optimization of the new Windows operating system in terms of I/O stack.

Video game developers on the PC platform can use this technology to create larger and more detailed worlds in their games. Current games are affected by bottlenecks in current APIs, which are mostly caused by high-speed SSDs not adapting to the amount of IO required in current games. All in all, this will damage the quality of playing the game on PC.

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