Behin Anbar Ara; Factory for the production of metal shelves

“Bahin Anbar Ara” warehouse metal shelf production factory is one of the oldest and specialized centers in the field of production of shelves and containers for storing goods and materials. This collection designs and produces all kinds of pallet and manual racks with resistant metal material.

Warehouse metal racks play the main role in industrial and semi-industrial warehouses and have a significant impact on easy access to cargo and goods and order in the warehouse. The best store of votes Warehouse metal shelf production factory It is customized according to the world standards. This collection designs and produces all kinds of pallet and manual racks with resistant metal material and based on safety principles.

Manufacturer of all kinds of warehouse shelves

Behin Anbar Ara is one of the experienced teams in the field of design and production of metal storage shelves, which has combined high variety, quality and reasonable price. One of the unique features of this collection is the custom shelf design. After the experts visit the warehouse environment and carefully check the type, number, dimensions and weight of the goods and machines in the warehouse, he finally designs and produces the appropriate shelf in standard dimensions.

Among the groups of metal shelves produced in Behin Anbar Ara, the following can be mentioned:

Production of metal pallet racks

According to the type and dimensions of cargo and goods, the way they are moved in the warehouse is different. For example some times with Metal pallet It is moved with the help of a forklift and the shelves used for them have a special structure. Among the pallet racks produced in Behin Anbar, the following options can be mentioned:

Pallet Rock Shelving

The Pallet Rock shelf is one of the most practical types of shelves, which has a very high resistance and can classify up to 16 meters of the storage shed. These racks are used to arrange pallet loads, and in terms of the depth of the opening and its width, a high variety can be seen in them. Depending on the type of cargo, you can buy shelves with openings of 135, 270, 330 and 390, which are 90, 100 and 110 cm deep.

Bahin Anbar’s pallet rock shelf is produced with very resistant metals and corrosive and chemical substances in the environment will not destroy and rot the body and its other components. These racks are a practical option in the warehouse of food, pharmaceutical and health factories, spare parts warehouses and warehouses of industrial and semi-industrial factories and large stores.

An image of a metal rack

Narrow corridor shelving

In the production factory of Bahin Anbar metal shelves, Narrow corridor shelving It is produced in different sizes. These shelves are very similar to Pallet Rock and the only difference is in the way the shelf is arranged. Narrow aisle shelves are used for warehouses that have limited internal space. Because the width of the aisles of these racks is considered less than the standard, and the loading is done with machines such as reach trucks.

A picture of self-propelled racking

Self-propelled shelving

Self-propelled racking is one of the racks of the Rock rack subcategory, which is used in small warehouses. If the internal space of the warehouse is limited and the number of cargo and goods is large, these shelves can be used. In the arrangement of self-moving racks, all the aisles are removed and a tunnel is created inside the rack structure. This tunnel is used to arrange pallet loads.

Loads arranged on pallets are placed in these racks with a forklift from the end to the beginning of the tunnel and are taken out in the same way. The width and depth of the tunnel of these shelves are determined based on the dimensions of the pallet and can be changed according to the conditions of the warehouse.

Production of metal shelves for hand luggage

In some warehouses, due to the light weight of cargo and goods, the arrangement is done by hand without the need for machines. In this case, the height of the shelves should not be too high so that the hands of the human forces reach the upper floors of the shelf and do not face any disturbance. Manual cargo racks are light metal racks and are used in Hoff factory warehouses, stores and production workshops, and some of them are also used in home warehouses.

The following items can be mentioned among the metal shelves of Behin Anbar Ara:

Bolted shelving

Bolt and mesh racks are one of the oldest types of storage racks that are used in many shops. These shelves are made of galvanized metal perforated bottoms and corners, which are connected with bolts and nuts. The assembly and disassembly of the metal mesh shelf is done in a short time and without the need for industrial tools, and their height can be adjusted based on the type and dimensions of the product.

Heavy-duty floor-mounted rock shelving

Heavy floored rock racking or rock panel racks are fixed metal racks that can be used on several floors and load arrangement is done only by human power. In each floor of this shelf, there are several rows and floors of other shelves and the load is placed in them. Very resistant metal sheets are also used for the floor covering, and the ridges on it prevent people from slipping and cargo and goods from falling.

Metal stairs are installed for easy movement between the floors of rock panel racks. It should be noted that these racks are produced in light and heavy floor rock models, which differ in terms of resistance.

Other metal shelves of Behin Anbar Ara factory

In addition to the above shelves, in this collection, all kinds of shelves are also produced for arranging branch loads. These racks, which are known as metal racks and County Rock racks, are a practical option for storing rebar, carpets, pipes, MDF, and similar items. Due to the string and roll structure of these warehouses, their shelves have metal arms. The load is placed on the metal arms and access to each one is done directly.

In addition, the optimal warehouse of the production factory Metal mezzanine shelf Is. These structures are prefabricated mezzanines that are installed in the warehouse in a very short time and divide the warehouse space into several floors without the need for building materials. On the floors of these structures, other shelves can be placed or used to create warehouse office space.

Production of containers for storing and moving cargo and goods

In warehouses, in addition to warehouse shelves, special containers are also used for storing and moving goods. Behin Anbar Ara has also been active in the production of these containers and produces all kinds of plastic storage boxes, box pallets, flat pallets, and barrel and rubber pallets with resistant and standard materials.


Anbar Behin Anbar Ara metal shelf manufacturing plant is one of the oldest and specialized centers in the field of producing shelves and storage containers and moving loads and materials. The products of this collection are produced according to the standards of the world and include all kinds of pallet racks, manual racks and branch racks.

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