Behind the Snowa sofas, this man is standing; Snowy lifestyle in the heart of wood and fabric

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The change of lifestyle in the modern world has led to the increasing expansion of brand shops in the world. On the one hand, this issue has provided a space to deliver goods directly to consumers, and on the other hand, it has been able to satisfy the minimalist tastes of the audience for more coordination in the arrangement of household appliances. Snowa, as a company with the largest home appliance store chain in the country, has also marketed furniture as part of its products for some time.

Alireza Peymanpour is the business manager and product owner of Snowa and Tools (S&T), who is also the designer of the first proposal of Snowa Life Style Center. He says about Snowa’s decision to produce furniture: “Snowa considers itself not only a home appliance manufacturer but also a lifestyle provider, and in this style it uses knowledge and technology to create a pleasant and more efficient experience. The idea of ​​making Snowa furniture was born from the fact that we saw furniture as a necessary commodity along with household appliances and an important part of the Snowa lifestyle. We encountered this demand in more than 1600 stores in 460 cities of the country that on the one hand in today’s life and to benefit from technology facilities, people like the integration of home appliances and on the other hand the interest of families in interior architecture and decoration. Their houses have gone to buy from a brand with a common discourse in the product design line and have a minimal and uniform house. This prompted us to present S&T with a design that suits today’s life.”

Creating a snowy lifestyle from the heart of fabric and wood

Alireza Peymanpour considers design to be one of the most important factors affecting the economic value of goods and emphasizes: “The better a product is designed and the more it adapts to the audience’s persona, the higher its value and the more the audience’s luck from the perspective of being involved in the subconscious with the product. Is. This is why we see some products and feel how pleasant we feel about them and we definitely want to have them. To create S&T, a working group of industrial design, supply, product management, quality control, sales and consumer behavior analysis teams was formed, and finally the Comfort product emerged from it. Based on the lineup and personality of Snowa products, the first sofa, which was a combination of avant-garde and sports sofas, was designed for the audience under 45 years old and over 30 years old. Comfort furniture with the least use of wood, has broken lines and 90 degree angles and is offered to the market in gray color.

Peymanpour says about the observance of quality standards in the production of Snova furniture: “We have made it our goal to produce furniture based on Iranian and international standards, and for this reason, in the selection of wood, fabric and coils, design, continuous quality control in all line automation. We obsessed over the production and supply of the product.

According to him, in the production of this product, Georgian beech wood, coils made of high-quality Russian wood and special foam are used, and the fabrics used in the furniture, in cooperation with the quality control center of Isfahan University, obtained the highest points in resistance, elasticity, resilience and durability tests. has done.

Referring to the reception of the first S&T model in less than five months, the business manager of S&T products says: “The reception of this product made us think about launching a new lineup called “Harmony”. A brand with a more formal personality that entered the market in two dark and light gray colors.

The Harmony sofa is a manifestation of the Snowy lifestyle, which is youthful, small and comfortable. Furniture for more compact homes, friendly and intimate environments and even coffee shops. This model is supposed to make room in the homes of young couples and teenagers and be relaxing, simple and practical. “We are looking for a complete lifestyle for our customers.”

According to Alireza Peymanpour, three new models of S&T have been designed with a semi-sporty atmosphere, L furniture and a modern-classic model that is a combination of 80s American and modern European designs, which will enter the market soon. .

Challenges of furniture production in Iran

Product manager S&T says about the challenges of producing these products in the country: “When we started supplying furniture in Snowa stores, we faced the challenge that our sales force was trained to sell household appliances, so we must first form a belief about the product in They were created. The belief that Snowa furniture, even though it is offered alongside household appliances, has a unique personality and defines Snowa’s identity along with our other products was something that we were able to gradually instill in Snowa sellers. Our motto at S&T Products Group is that we sell sofas, but we are not sofa sellers. In fact, the Snowa&Tools brand offers a range of products and services that complement your experience of the Snowa lifestyle.

Inspired by the greats of furniture production in the world

According to Peymanpour, what makes Snowa furniture different from its competitors in the market is the automation of industrial production. In this regard, he emphasizes: “The existence of the industrial production line has made us take a comprehensive look at furniture manufacturing. I think beyond design and architecture. Furniture design is one of the most important topics in the world of design and fashion, and a large number of famous architects and designers have displayed their style and vision with furniture design. I also tried to create a Snowy character from the heart of fabric and wood, inspired by the giants of furniture and lifestyle such as Ikea and Versace. A character that emerged from the heart of the industry, but is full of emotion and art, and will later be used in other household items and accessories.”

the future S&T

Alireza Peymanpour, who is currently opening the first Snowa Life Style Center in Isfahan, calls the expansion of Snowa Life Style Centers his most important goal and says: “Part of the success of the lifestyle centers in the world is attributed to the variety of their offers. It can transform the consumer experience beyond a retail purchase into a broader lifestyle experience. At the first Snoway lifestyle center, we have tried to create a new world of easy and fast shopping for our consumers by offering a variety of products that complement Snowy’s large and small household appliances. And we hope that by increasing the number of these centers in different parts of the country, we will create a different experience of buying household appliances.”

According to the product manager of Snowa&Tools, these centers will be opened in other cities of the country after Isfahan.

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