Bethesda’s mistake in filing a copyright complaint against the company itself

Bethesda’s attempt to prevent Redfall from being leaked by filing a copyright notice, mistakenly caught the company’s own skirt.

Yesterday was the long awaited game Redfall was released, and of course, we saw some of its items revealed before the game was released. To prevent spoiling this launch, Bethesda, the publisher of the game, decided to take precautionary measures. The company was carefully scouring the internet for unauthorized Redfall images or videos. Bethesda kept giving copyright and removal notices so that this type of content would not be published.

But this company’s arrogance did its job and registered a copyright notice against itself, which caused the banner image of the official Twitter page of the named game to be temporarily removed. Twitter user PMS Jordan shared a screenshot of the scene, where the banner image was replaced by a gray rectangle. In this rectangle, it was written that the image has been removed due to the report of the copyright holder.

Bethesda's mistake in filing a copyright complaint against itself about the Redfall game

Another user named Weekend Warrior suggested that Bethesda used an automatic system to find and report Redfall content, which ultimately caused this strange error; However, it is not clear whether a bot has actually reported copyright issues or not. Of course, this image has returned since then, but Redfal’s Twitter account did not react to what happened.

Despite the pre-release enthusiasm of the game’s fans, the average score of Redfall is not good, and this product has managed to get a meta score of 63 out of 100 with 39 reviews. This has made Redfall the weakest work of Studio Arkin in their almost 25-year history in terms of the average score of critics on the Metacritic website.

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