Blizzard plans to offer more crossover events in Overwatch 2

According to Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller, players can expect more crossover events in the future.

Considering the free release of Overwatch 2, it is obvious that Blizzard will move towards providing live service content to support it. One of the best examples of service-oriented and free works is the Fortnite game, which regularly provides new content and crossover events to players. Following this method, Blizzard also held a crossover event with the One Punch Man series in the third season of Overwatch 2, and it was well received by the players.

According to the game’s director, the support team was initially unsure about offering a crossover event, but now the result has been successful, and they plan to hold more similar events this year. Aaron Keller wrote in a blog post:

“We all loved and appreciate your reaction and excitement for the One-Punch Man crossover. To be honest, we were a little worried that another world, even one as attractive [وان پانچ من] Combine with the world of Overwatch. When we first introduced this crossover, we talked to players about our values ​​and how we handle events like this, and they seemed to agree with us. The popularity of this event has given us enough confidence for more crossovers and we hope to deliver at least one more big crossover this year.”

Tracer character in Overwatch 2 game

On the other hand, the problem that still remains in the Overwatch 2 game is the objection of the players to the reward system; In fact, players do not consider the rewards of this game to be enough. In this regard, the game director explained in his blog that the team is looking to solve this problem with appropriate measures:

“Events usually include skins as rewards that players can earn. We’ve also added credits to Battle Pass that allow players to purchase almost all Overwatch main event skins. Additionally, we’ve significantly increased the amount of points earned from each challenge to match the effort required.”

It seems that the Overwatch 2 support team is working on rebuilding the On Fire system in the new engine and plans to make changes to the game experience to offer players a wider range of entertainment. Keller also noted that a much larger champion and player progression system is in development, which players hope will be added to the game by the end of this year.

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