BMW adds new features to its 4.7 million cars by providing software updates

By providing a software update, BMW adds new features to some of its products. This update of cars equipped with The iDrive system includes 7 and 8 and by installing it, Using the digital key It gets easier. Also, in some models, Remote parking capability It will be added to eligible cars.

With the digital key update, users of Android and iOS devices can share the car between them Share let them In addition, users will be able to activate the digital key with a simple code. You may know that before to activate and use the digital key, the owners had to put the original key inside the cabin.

BMW update

The remote parking feature clearly shows what can be done with it. This feature through My BMW application It becomes accessible and the driver can park it from outside the car. During the parking process, the maneuvers performed in the Maneuvering Assistant section of the BMW application are recorded.

The possibility of connecting BMW products to the AT&T network

In the US, BMW’s software update allows the AT&T network to be added to the car’s list of mobile carriers. With this, the car’s iDrive 8 system is integrated with active contracts and plans on the driver’s mobile phone. The result is that the owners No need for a mobile phoneThey can make phone calls by car. The possibility of connecting to the data network and turning the car into another Wi-Fi connection point is the result of this update.

BMW iX cabin

BMW software update adds different features to different models. For example, in the iX electric crossover, after the update, it is possible to stop charging and unlock the charger cable through the My BMW application. This update in iX, Active Tourer and X1 equipped with Park Assistant option. steering assistant adds to the car. This assistant helps the driver when moving in reverse gear. In the new X1 and 7 series, this update includes the My Mode Digital Art feature.

The BMW software update includes more than 30 different models and About 4.7 million cars They will receive it. In the previous update of this company, the navigation system, smart personal assistant and connected parking technology were updated, and some models received Android Auto.


It should be said that BMW Year 2019 It provides software updates for its products. Infotainment system, ride quality, driving assistants, comfort and safety are some of the factors that have been improved in recent years by providing software updates in BMW products.

Apart from BMW, other car manufacturers are also interested in providing software updates. Relying on this technology, car manufacturers can now equip their products with new features in the easiest possible way.

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