BMW Concept Touring Coupe was introduced with a very beautiful and attractive design

BMW unveiled a new concept car at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. This concept car is called Concept Touring Coupe and it is the Bavarians’ take on a car Shooting break It shows modern. BMW is based on this new concept Z4 roadster designed, therefore, in terms of appearance and technology, there are many commonalities between the two.

BMW Concept Touring Coupe

BMW Concept Touring Coupe It is a combination of past and future. To be more precise, the Bavarians have taken a look at some of their previous models in the design of this concept and have tried to combine traditional elements with modern design style. If you look closely at this concept, you will see the spirit of a noisy model like the Z3 in it.

Although the BMW Concept Touring Coupe has been developed based on the Z4, it has differences with it in terms of room form and some external details. In this concept, there is no opening roof and a fixed roof has taken its place. In the front view, the form of the grille is slightly different and the designers from Silver-bronze frame They have used it for that. The blades of the grille are dual in this concept.

BMW Concept Touring Coupe

The latest BMW concept rides on beautiful 20-spoke wheels. These rims 20 inches in the front and 21 inches in the back and their form is somewhat reminiscent of Z8. In the side view, in addition to the rims, the Hofmeister Kink element, which is a BMW signature, is quite attractive due to its more muscular structure.

BMW Concept Touring Coupe

in rear view or a Much more attractive design We are facing Raised rear fenders and narrow L-shaped headlights make the BMW Touring Coupe Concept look like an incredibly wide car. The spoiler at the end of the roof has a special shape and the rear glass ends in a sharp line. Complementing the charms of this concept are the massive diffuser and two large exhaust outlets that fit on both sides of the bumper.

BMW Concept Touring Coupe

Very high quality and luxurious cabin

BMW has collaborated with a famous Italian company to achieve a quality cabin. Different parts of the Touring Coupe concept cabin have two-color quality leather covers (dark and light brown). The Bavarians made this leather from Poltrona Frau company have prepared

inside the cabin

BMW concept and touring coupe concept, an exclusive collection of Luggage and travel bags has it. This collection is also made by the very luxurious and aristocratic Schedoni brand. You may know that this brand produces accessories for multi-million dollar supercars.

bag and suitcase

Technical specifications of BMW Concept Touring Coupe

Powering the BMW Concept Touring Coupe is the same 3-liter six-cylinder engine found under the hood of the Z4 M40i. There is no information about the output of this engine in the concept model, but in the mentioned roadster, its output is approx 340 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque arrives.

But the bad news for BMW fans is that, despite the high appeal, this company has no plans to mass produce the Touring Coupe concept, and this concept as a One-of-a-kind car It will remain. Of course, after the unveiling, several visitors have expressed interest in buying this model. Therefore, it is not unlikely that BMW will produce this concept in the form of a limited edition model in the future.

It should be said that BMW Main sponsors The gathering is considered the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. This company has previously unveiled concepts such as GINA Light Visionary Model, Gran Luso Coupe and Z4 Zagato in this gathering.

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