Brain learning increases up to 3 times due to some special image patterns

The brain is one of the wonders and we make all the difficult and easy decisions of our life through this amazing organ. According to an informed source, new scientific research indicates that light pulses and specific image patterns can affect the brain’s learning power and make it up to 3 times the normal state to increase Therefore, it can be said that the power of the human brain has been recognized more than before; But what are the exact details of this scientific research?

The human brain has more learning power in certain frequencies

Accelerate brain learning

There are different ways to improve brain health; But what can be done to increase the brain’s learning power? Cambridge University researchers have researched this issue and the results have been published. Brain in frequency resting state Between 8 and 12 Hz in the alpha wave spectrum. As ProfessorZoe CorteziHe says, each person’s brain has its own frequency; But if you want to force your brain to learn faster, you need to use visual patterns with a certain frequency. This action leads to Accelerate learning more It will be in you.

By simulating brain-adaptive frequencies, Professor Cortezi and his team were able to dramatically improve the flexibility and learning power of the brain. Using these light pulses – including A flashing white square with a black background– They can from the era childhood to adulthood Help to learn better. Of course, keep in mind that these frequencies are unique for each person and the brain compatible frequency is not the same for two breaths.

The team of researchers from the University of Cambridge 80 volunteers between 18 and 35 years old They took a brain tape and were able to determine the main frequency of each person’s brain by simulating different scenarios. Every human brain reaches its highest efficiency in these frequencies. Finally, by creating custom flashing squares of 1.5 seconds, you can achieve important results. Accordingly, the mentioned light pulses can affect the brain’s learning power. These tests 800 times done.

Accelerate the power of learning

Note that this experiment was not effective for all candidates and the learning performance of some was equal to before the experiment. However, the group that was affected by the experiment was able to maintain their accelerated learning in the subsequent processes. In conclusion, it can be said that this experiment promises to improve learning power in people with low concentration and by determining the appropriate brain frequency, it achieved this important task.

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