Breaking Kojima’s silence on the rumor of his connection with the game Abandoned

After a long time, Hideo Kojima broke his silence regarding the rumor of his relationship with the game Abandoned and explained about it.

Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima opened up about the various rumors that have been circulating about him on his Brain Structure Spotify podcast hosted by Jeff Keeley. In his explanations to the rumors made by fans about the development of the horror game Abandoned, he said: “Users always sent me pictures of this handsome man. They still send me fake pictures, like 20 in a day. This is really annoying.”

Blue Box Studio has not released any other information about Abandoned except for a short teaser. In addition to repeated delays regarding the unveiling of this game, its director Hassan Kahraman claimed that he will release the introduction part in the form of a playable demo to collect the financial resources needed for the game. However, this promise has not yet been fulfilled.

While the possibility of a connection between the hero and Kojima was always considered weak, this issue did not stop the users of Reddit forums from making all kinds of rumors and hypothetical connections between these two people. Even some of these widely used and popular forums recorded all the movements of Hassan and Kojima in order to reach their desired results by scrutinizing them.

Abandoned game forest village

These scrutiny went to the point where users realized that Hasan had already developed an exercise program described in its description as “Personal Training Program” which is abbreviated as PT. Users believed that this action refers to the canceled PT demo, which was a reboot of the Silent Hill series. It seems that Hassan is using these mysterious riddles to keep the name of the game Abandoned, which has not yet been shown and the Blue Box studio.

Not long ago, Bluebox Studio released an application and claimed that it will make the trailers and demos of Abandoned game available. However, after some time, the truth became clear and users realized that this program is basically a screen saver, which was developed using public data. “When we did that Moby Dick thing, you [جف کیلی] You were in the loop and it was a lot of fun. However, people should know that I don’t do the same thing twice.”

Exclusive game Abandoned and Forest Trees

The Moby Dick that Kojima is referring to was actually a fake Swiss studio that was developing The Phantom Pain, directed by someone named Joachim Mogren. It was later revealed that this studio did not exist externally and that Kojima had invented it before the introduction of Metal Gear Solid 5. Therefore, fans speculate that the mysterious Abandoned game and its director are probably another initiative by Kojima.

Kojima added: “I have never spoken to Hassan. His game is not released yet. I don’t think he’s going to do much or say much at this point. But if he releases the game, people will realize the truth; So maybe it is necessary for him to hurry up and release the game.”

Hasan hasn’t spoken publicly about Abandoned in a while, and his tweets are currently protected. Back in April, Bluebox Studios tweeted asking fans if they wanted to see Abandoned: Prologue’s expansion video, but ultimately nothing came of it.

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