Breaking the 3.825 GHz overclock frequency record of the RTX 4090 graphics card

iGame RTX 4090 flagship graphics card for the first time in a test 3D is overclocked to 3.825 GHz to achieve the highest record ever recorded.

Currently, there is no competition to record the highest GPU clock speed among famous HWBOT sites, but sometimes some time benchmarks such as GPUPI are used to record such records. For example, in November, it was announced that a GALAX HOF RTX 4090 graphics card crossed the 3.825 GHz performance frequency limit in the GPUPI benchmark to become the highest performance figure in the history of gaming graphics cards. But the important point is that this benchmark is not a 3D test and is just a simple calculation of pi using the GPU.

Now, overclocker user CENS has challenged the flagship 4090 graphics card in the Unigine Superposition test as the first 3D test, which is still not a gaming test, using the 8K profile, and beat this stunning record with the GeForce RTX 4090 iGame. LAB registered.

According to the screenshots provided by CENS, the mentioned graphics card in this test recorded up to 3.825 GHz, which is possible by using an Intel Core i9-13900K chip and a liquid nitrogen cooling system at a temperature of minus 192 degrees Celsius. has been Therefore, such work is not recommended for normal users.

It should be noted that this record caused CENS with 18701 points at the top of the official benchmark list Superposition to be placed.

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