Brendan Fraser looks very different in the first trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale

A24 has released the first trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, in which we see a very different look for Brendan Fraser.

In the latest Cinema and TV newsThe first trailer of the movie The Whale has been released. A24 company finally released today the first trailer of the movie Wall, in which we see short images of the events of this mysterious movie, which, of course, does not reveal too much information, and we focus more on Brendan Fraser’s very different appearance and make-up. You can watch the first trailer of The Whale below:

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In Wall, Brendan Fraser plays Charlie, a 270 kg middle-aged man trying to reconnect with his 17-year-old daughter. In addition to the trailer, the first poster of the movie The Whale has also been released, which is actually taken from the official image of this movie with the presence of Berdan Fraser, and you can see this poster below:

The first poster of the movie The Whale

Brendan Fraser, Sadie Sink, Hong Chao, Samantha Morton, Ty Simpkins and Satya Srindaran are among the actors who are present in the movie The Whale. Darren Aronofskythe director of films such as Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler, Black Swan, Noah and Mother directed The Whale based on a script by Samuel D. Hunter.

The Whale movie is scheduled for release on December 9. Wall’s film was previously screened at this year’s Venice Film Festival and received positive reviews.

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