Britain has successfully tested the super powerful DragonFire laser weapon

With the increasing use of drones and electronic weapons in modern warfare, the demand for electronic systems has increased. Now, the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory, a subsidiary of the British Ministry of Defense, is testing a powerful and long-range laser weapon called DragonFire has successfully completed

The armies of different countries are looking for the use of low-cost and powerful weapons. Laser weapons, which are considered one of these equipments, have recently been tested in the UK in the form of a product called DragonFire. This warware is based on investment 114 million dollars It was made by the Ministry of Defense and its colleagues.

According to the published statement, MBDA, the European multinational missile manufacturer, built the advanced control and command section as well as the image processing capabilities of this combat system and is responsible for its overall operation. Italian company Leonardo The co-director of the beams of this system has made it, which can track the target subjects with high precision.

DragonFire laser weapon

DragonFire laser power can be increased

This laser can now output 50 kW have, but this system is able to increase this energy level in the future. Some time ago, Lockheed Martin delivered its most powerful laser weapon with a power of 300 kilowatts to the US Army.

Testing British laser weapons on multiple targets in Different distances It was done to test the beam guide well. The test is supposed to help the UK gain a better understanding of high-energy lasers and its technology to deal with hostile targets.

“DragonFire has successfully demonstrated that it can track targets with a high level of accuracy and keep its laser beam on subjects at will,” said Ben Maddison, technical advisor at the UK’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory. This test evaluated the state of performance of the laser itself and its results showed that the UK is a world leader in laser weapon systems.

These tests were carried out for safety in the Porton Down Range area and the farthest subject in the distance 3.4 km was installed, but the exact range of the controller and other capabilities of this system remain confidential.

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