Built-in RGB lighting control tool is added to Windows 11

Microsoft will soon add a built-in and integrated tool for controlling RGB lighting in gaming equipment to Windows 11 settings.

Panos Peni, Microsoft’s product manager for Windows and devices, has just announced that Windows 11 will include an integrated RGB lighting control system in devices equipped with devices. The purpose of this update is to solve the common problem of inconsistent RGB lighting management in various equipment and accessories, which often require the installation of several not very compatible software.

While Microsoft’s blog post touches on a number of topics, it doesn’t reveal many details about the user interface of Microsoft’s new tool. The new feature of Windows is called Dynamic Lighting, which is expected to be added in the internal settings of Windows. It is supposed to be a preview of the Dynamic Lighting function in the new Windows 11 build insider video be shown Users can take a look at Microsoft’s strategy and the level of control they expect in this video.

Gaming PC with RGB lighting

It should be noted that the success of Dynamic Lighting depends to some extent on the cooperation of hardware manufacturers. At least for some time there may be devices that do not support this feature. These options set commands such as changing the brightness, RGB lighting color or different lighting effects. These options will be available for all devices that connect to the system via USB. Even equipment like the Stream Deck from Elgato.

Currently, nothing has been said about when this feature will be available to users. It is also not known whether these options will be able to control the RGB lighting of motherboards or graphics cards or not. But technically, such a thing is not out of the question. However, this probably needs more attention from the Windows OS development team.

Pending more details, its information will be provided to you. The addition of the internal RGB control tool to Windows 11 is an attempt to simplify the experience of using RGB lighting in gaming systems, which eliminates the need for various and numerous software.

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