Bush was sentenced to pay 25 million dollars in damages in the Dieselgate case

The Dieselgate scandal, which was the result of the manipulation of the car manufacturing companies (centered on Volkswagen) in the emission results of diesel cars, continues after about eight years. In the latest news related to this scandal, the German company Bosch has been accused of paying 25 million dollars in damages.

The diesel scandal first started in the United States. In 2015, US research centers found that Volkswagen was manipulating the emissions of diesel engines. The announcement of this news led to the launch of a wave of investigations around the world, which resulted in the destruction of the image of Volkswagen and the German automobile industry.

In the years following the announcement of the Dieselgate scandal, various companies were subject to fines, many cars were recalled for defects and software fixes, and there were major changes in Volkswagen’s structure. However, it seems that this scandal is not over!

The investigation regarding the participation of the German company Bosch in the Dieselgate scandal began in 2015. Bosch is one of the largest suppliers of auto parts in the world, and German automakers also have close cooperation with this company. Most of the electronic and electrical systems of German cars are made by Bosch, and in addition, this company also participates in car computer programming. Bush is accused of designing software that can be used to control the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

Illegal Bosch software, the foundation of Dieselgate

Bosch had warned car manufacturers about the illegality of this software, however, Volkswagen did not pay attention to Bosch’s warning. As a result, 11 million Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, and Audi diesel cars entered the market with this illegal software. Other brands of the Fiat Chrysler Group were also among the users of this illegal software.

The California Prosecutor’s Office has recently ordered the German company Bosch to pay a fine of 25 million dollars during its investigation. According to the state attorney general’s office, “Bush’s actions contributed to one of the greatest environmental crimes of our time, and today they are paying the price.”

According to the investigation that took place during the Dieselgate scandal, Bush was sentenced to pay more than 400 million dollars in compensation. The fine of Volkswagen was also about 30 billion dollars. This fine was used to compensate the damage caused to customers and the environment, as well as to buy new cars.

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