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Buying recharge is one of the most important tasks that you should pay attention to in order to use mobile phone services. If your SIM card is not valid, you will not even be able to send SMS.

Imagine a situation where you need to call a person and inform him of an important matter, or you need to call the other person to coordinate a business appointment.

If your SIM card is not charged, you can’t do anything, and this issue makes using a mobile phone somewhat pointless. Because you cannot use services such as sending SMS or making calls.

For this reason, different methods for charging were created so that users do not have to use old methods to increase the validity of their SIM cards.

In the following, we will examine the old ways as well as introduce new and easy ways to buy recharge, so stay with us until the end of the article.

What were the disadvantages of the traditional method of buying recharge?

In the past, how could we buy a charge for our SIM card? If you remember, in the not so distant years, we had to go to stores or shops to increase the credit of the account.

This was very annoying because it wasted a lot of people’s time and also it was not possible to buy a quick charge in emergency situations.

At that time, new methods had not yet emerged, and people who ran out of credit in places far from the city had to wait until they reached physical stores.

This problem manifested itself in different ways, and therefore different operators decided to offer users other ways to purchase recharge.

These new methods are divided into several categories, each of which has its own advantages. We want to check out the best new way to get charged.

Using payment applications to purchase recharges

The mobile phone has many features, provided that suitable applications are installed on it. One of the most useful applications that can be necessary for any mobile phone is the payment application.

Seeing the popularity of using these programs, various operators also provided the possibility for users to buy Irancell recharge, first mobile and other SIM cards.

Using the application, you can easily buy the desired charge with the desired amount in a very short time and only by accessing the Internet.

Currently, there are many applications for this task, and choosing the best one can help you in many other tasks as well. But which application is better?

Top Super Application; The fastest way to buy recharge

Why did we introduce Top as a top application for recharging? This application has high security and you don’t have to worry about your bank card information while using it.

Top will help you to buy the charge you want in the shortest possible time. The high speed and security of this application are among the things that make its use necessary for all people.

Of course, Top’s features are not limited to the purchase of charging, and by installing it, you will be faced with more than 73 useful services, each of which solves a specific need.

Introduction of top superapplication services

In order to better understand the reasons for introducing TOP for charging, it is better to get to know some of its most useful services in general. Because installing an app just to buy a charge can be a waste.

For the convenience of its users, Top has considered many features, which we will introduce some of them below:

  • Paying bills: Timely payment of various bills, even the bill of mobile operators, is done easily and in a short time through Top.
  • Fishing check inquiry: Check inquiry helps you to be more confident in your transactions with the other party. Top will help you in this way as well.
  • Wrong car payment: Don’t worry if it’s a bit difficult for you to visit the centers in person to inquire and pay for car violations. Because this possibility is also provided for people in Top.
  • Toll payment: Today, toll booths are being removed and electronic gates are replacing them. By installing Top and activating its wallet, you can pay this amount automatically without stopping.
  • banking services: With the installation of TOP, it is no longer necessary to go to the bank or ATMs for tasks such as transferring funds, checking accounts and checking the balance.


Buying a charge in a short time is very important. Because the end of the validity of the SIM card makes us unable to use its services. This issue can cause interference in doing various tasks.

The old methods of charging were time-consuming, so different operators decided to consider new ways to do this.

Installing payment applications is one of these new methods, and among these applications, it can be said that Top helps you in other fields by providing more than 73 useful services in addition to charging.

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