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The use of virtual numbers has gained considerable popularity among Iranians in recent years due to the restrictions imposed on Iranian users. Of course, it is interesting to know that not only Iranian users have shown interest in using such numbers, but many advanced countries have moved towards using virtual numbers without physical SIM cards due to greater protection of the environment. Perhaps, in a way, facilitating access to global communications can be considered one of the main reasons for the rise of such numbers; But the question that may occupy the audience’s mind is related to the reason for the popularity of using virtual numbers among Iranian users.

Perhaps the main cause of such a problem can be found in the international sanctions against Iran, which has caused the access of Iranian users to financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges to be limited and even cut off in some cases. Unfortunately, the scope of sanctions against Iranian users is gradually expanding. It has also affected some gamers. In some cases, the filtering applied by internal institutions has also imposed significant restrictions on the daily life of Iranian users, and for this reason, in this article, we intend to examine how Buy a virtual number Let’s pay in Iran; So stay with us until the end of this article.

Virtual number and its nature

Before we examine the best way to buy a virtual number in Iran, it is necessary to take a look at the nature of these emerging and widely used numbers so that you can judge with a clearer view the importance of buying this type of special numbers. Probably, by examining the title of this type of numbers, you can guess their main feature to some extent, in fact, the “virtual” extension in this combination says everything, and what is certain is the absence of a physical SIM card for such numbers. It goes without saying that the existence of virtual numbers requires the Internet more than anything else, and you must be connected to the Internet to use these numbers.

It is interesting to know that virtual numbers have many more advantages compared to real numbers, for example, when you receive a virtual number, you will not need to provide your identity documents and all your calls and text messages will be sent over the Internet. It should be noted that the use of a virtual number is not a crime, and until this moment, Iranian lawmakers have not passed any laws related to the purchase and use of these numbers, and naturally, due to the lack of criminalization, people who use these numbers cannot be prosecuted. punished

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Of course, this attitude of Iran’s legislative system is in line with the evolution that has occurred in advanced countries; Because global policies are based on protecting the environment, and for this reason, they seek to remove physical SIM cards and replace them with virtual numbers, and perhaps the production of eSim phones can be considered as a good evidence for such a claim. With such explanations, it became clear that buying and using virtual numbers was not a crime; But when buying these numbers, you must pay enough attention to the credibility of the store selling such numbers so as not to fall into the trap of fraudsters and profiteers. One of the most reliable stores providing virtual number services in Iran, Iranian Collection Ariapi Is.

Virtual number applications for Iranian users

Perhaps, in general, the main applications of using virtual numbers in Iran can be tied to the issue of embargo and bypassing the restrictions caused by it. In the days when the value of the national currency has faced a sharp decline due to various political reasons, obtaining a source of dollar income in order to maintain the value of the capital and also to earn profit has become inevitable; But what are the obstacles in the way of earning such dollars? For example, if you are working as a freelancer and have accepted projects from different countries, you will naturally need an international account such as PayPal to receive your salary and fees, or if you are a trader and want to profit from financial markets such as Forex and other crypto markets. Come on, you must carry out your activities on the platform of safe exchanges like Binance.

Unfortunately, PayPal, Binance and many financial platforms necessary to earn dollars have put users who live in Iran on their sanctions list and do not provide any services to Iranian users, a problem that can be solved by having a valid IP changer or fixed IP. And the secure virtual number is easy to bypass. It goes without saying that the problem of disruption in domestic operators in receiving the confirmation code of some platforms is also one of the other reasons that has led Iranian users to use such numbers.

Of course, sometimes simpler reasons can be imagined for using a virtual number, for example, if you intend to join a particular social network; However, due to personal reasons or job restrictions, you are not interested in other people noticing your presence in such networks, and a virtual number can be a good solution for you, and with such a number, you can hide your real identity and avoid different social networks such as Enjoy Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and more.

How to buy a virtual number in Iran

Now that you are better acquainted with the nature and uses of buying and using virtual numbers, it is time to check how to buy these popular numbers in Iran. Maybe you have heard something about the free virtual number, an attractive title that has ended to the detriment of many users! Basically, in the creation of a free virtual number, no guarantee is provided to the consumers in relation to their privacy, and how many users have created an account in one of the social networks with the free virtual number they received, and after some time, this virtual number is available to them. Another user has been placed and the privacy of the previous user has been violated, a problem that arises when buying a virtual number from a secure collection such as Ariapi You will never encounter it.

Ariapi is actually one of the stores that provide virtual number services, which has gained considerable popularity among Iranian users due to the high variety of virtual numbers from all countries of the world (that too at an affordable cost). By providing the possibility of buying virtual numbers from more than 200 countries in the world, this collection has tried to cover all the needs of Iranian users for buying virtual numbers. The cost of virtual number services starts from the lowest possible cost, which is 5 thousand tomans, and its price range changes according to the type of service you choose.

To buy a virtual number from Ariapi You will not need to go through complicated and long procedures and just create a user account in Ariapi and then refer to the virtual number purchase section. In this section, by choosing the country and the service you want, the payable fee will be shown to you. After payment and final completion of the order, your selected number will be delivered to you instantly.

Advantages of buying a virtual number from Ariapi

Because Ariapi is known as a reliable authority in the field of providing virtual number services, it has considered many features and benefits for its services, and checking such benefits can be effective in choosing the right audience. The most important advantages of buying a virtual number from Ariapi collection are as follows:

high security

Considering the importance of the virtual number and its relationship with the privacy of users, the security factor is the main factor that must be taken into consideration. All virtual numbers provided by Ariapi Group after purchase are exclusively available to the buyer and no other person can use this number, and the experts of the group will not have access to your information. To put it simply, the virtual numbers provided by Ariapi are not the same as the free virtual numbers, so that the privacy of people is at risk.

Powerful support

All Ariapi collection services have 24-hour support services and in case of any problem, your problem will be followed up as soon as possible.

Affordable tariff

All the virtual number services of Ariapi collection are provided with a minimum tariff policy, and due to the variety of services, all numbers are provided to users at very affordable costs.

Ariapi; The most reliable Iranian collection for buying valid virtual numbers

As you have seen in the above content, nowadays using a virtual number has become a necessity for various reasons that cannot be easily ignored. Due to their unique features, virtual numbers have become very popular in recent years, and due to the lack of criminalization of using such numbers, Iranian users use these numbers to overcome restrictions caused by international sanctions as well as internal filtering.

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