Canceling the development of the rival game God of War at Obsidian Studios

In his recent interview, the founder of Obsidian Studio talked about canceled games, one of which was an inspired work to compete with God of War.

Obsidian Entertainment studio once planned to make a rival game for God of War was on the agenda of the game Journey to the Center of the Earth was inspired, but was canceled before it was released. Although the reasons for canceling the development of this game were not announced, this was the only one of the projects that was introduced by Firgas Arquhart, the founder of this studio, and finally suffered the fate of stopping the development process.

Cover of the old God of War game

Of course, if players learn about the number of interesting projects that have been canceled in this studio so far, this news will not be unexpected for them. In his recent interview with NME, Arquhart mentioned a number of these games that had never been released before. In addition to the aforementioned game, which was apparently inspired by Journey to the Center of the Earth, another role-playing game based on The Walking Dead series was also in development at Obsidian, which apparently did not find a suitable publisher.

A game based on the Rick and Morty animation is in the works which is a victim of the purchase of the studio by Microsoft and another game that is based on reality Cops, designed and seemingly unintelligible to anyone outside of the team, is among the projects that never came to fruition.

In 2022, Obsidian released two games, Pentiment and Grande, and in the future, this studio is going to release Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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