5 digital currencies that have been introduced as the killer of Ethereum – Iranbroker

Ethereum is one of the successful projects that has taken a large share of the digital currency market. Its decentralized blockchain network enables the development and execution of smart contracts. In addition, its support for decentralized applications has made it possible dAppsMany can be built on the Ethereum blockchain using multiple programming languages. The growth […]

You Hurt My Feelings movie review

Nicole Holofsner specializes in making warm and empathetic comedy-dramas about human fears and anxieties, and “You Hurt My Feelings” is about the lies we tell to protect our loved ones. Movies can be “unsafe” or “safe” just like people. They can set up an interesting and glamorous show, regardless of our emotions and feelings, that […]

Analysis of computer games with the emergence of artificial intelligence from a Persian perspective

“Parsi Download” has presented an interesting article in this article about the challenges of using artificial intelligence in the world of video games. Computer games are one of the most popular and profitable cultural and artistic industries in today’s world. Using advanced technologies, these games try to create an attractive, exciting and realistic experience for […]

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