Liberty Bell 7 sank in the Atlantic Ocean

July 21, 1961,Gus Grissom“, the NASA astronaut completed the second successful human spaceflight mission by Liberty Bell for the United States of America. “John Glenn“, was the pilot supporting this mission. Grissom joined the US Air Force in 1951, he participated in 100 military missions and won medals and honors in this field. He was […]

Meta, Google and OpenAI promise to the White House: responsible development of artificial intelligence

The White House of the top seven companies Artificial intelligence Invited to make promises to protect users. Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Meta, Inflection, Microsoft and OpenAI attended the meeting with White House requests to address many of the dangers arising from artificial intelligence such as investing in cyber security and reporting on content generated by artificial […]

Computer chip with human brain tissues receives military funding

Last year, scientists at Australia’s Monash University created DishBrain. DishBrain is a semi-biological computer with about 800,000 human and mouse brain cells grown in a laboratory inside its electrodes. With something like perception, this computer chip was able to learn to play pong in five minutes. DishBrain’s microelectrode array had the ability to read activity […]

Mandel Wilson 9, a galactic cirrus cloud

The cosmic dust clouds visible in the image are about 300 light-years above the plane of our galaxy, reflecting starlight across the Milky Way. What do we see in today’s NASA image? Galactic Cirrus Clouds, also known as Integrated Flux Nebulae, are dim and are found at high galactic latitudes. They can be found in […]

ChatGPT can remember users with this new feature

The newest feature ChatGP Called “custom instructions,” it will potentially make you type a little less, and even so, the OpenAI chatbot can remember some of your information forever. The new feature is now in beta and is available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers everywhere except the UK and EU. Joan Zhang, who works on model […]

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