CCTV footage in total darkness from the perspective of Mal’s camera

Maybe every person who owns a CCTV system Be curious about its performance

To better understand how a CCTV or security system works, you should know that these systems are being updated regularly; The technology used in CCTV, including night vision, provides users with the ability to see more and better. But how does a CCTV camera film at night?

The simple answer to this question is that CCTV cameras record images using a light source or sources at night; For this, infrared light makes objects and areas visible. We assume you want to know more about how CCTV cameras shoot at night! Stay with us to have a deeper look at the night vision performance of CCTV cameras.

How does a CCTV camera record in the dark?

Due to the advances that the CCTV system has made in recent years. CCTV night vision also uses different technologies to record CCTV images and save them on the hard drive. Starlight, infrared light and light LEDs CCTV cameras are among the approaches that CCTV cameras use to record images at night; In the following, we will examine each of these CCTV night vision technologies with examples.

Starlight camera comparison with other similar cameras

Starlight CCTV

Dahua CCTV is equipped with Starlight technology; To explain the Starlight technology in simple terms, consider the human eyes, which can hardly recognize anything in low light and dark conditions, on the other hand, the Dahua CCTV camera, which is equipped with Starlight, is sensitive to the light of stars and can capture images in low light and Show the darkness of the night.

The Dahua Starlight CCTV captures images in minimal light, while night vision cameras are no longer able to film in very low light. In fact, this Dahua CCTV Starlight technology is a combination of a starlight sensor and a complex suppression of image noise, which leads to a quality output of the night.

The starlight sensor in Dahua Starlight CCTV works like the retina of the eye; In this type of imaging, the amount of light that the sensor receives has a direct relationship with the image quality of the Dahua CCTV camera.

Compared to the human eye, Dahua Starlight CCTV cameras have larger sensors, wider apertures and lower shutter speeds, which makes Dahua CCTV cameras collect enough light to recognize faces and car license plates.

This is the way that Dahua CCTV makes visible the images that the human eye could not see.

Dahua Starlight CCTV cameras with larger lenses can collect more light and provide better image quality.

The sensors in Dahua CCTV are usually 1/1.8 inch or larger, CCTV cameras with larger sensors increase image quality by capturing more light.

The Dahua Starlight CCTV camera is produced with different sensors to produce a good output of the night image. Obviously, this type of CCTV camera will have a high price for producing clear images.

Next, we will explain the infrared technology, which has a more reasonable price than the Dahua Starlight camera.

night vision camera

Night vision using infrared or IR

Xiaomi CCTV is one of several brands of CCTV that uses infrared sensors for night vision.

Infrared technology or the same IR Xiaomi CCTV uses infrared light to illuminate images in the dark. Infrared light that Xiaomi CCTV uses it. It is all around us, but this light is not visible, IR technology. It receives infrared wavelengths and enables the Xiaomi CCTV camera to record images at night.

The Xiaomi CCTV camera automatically switches the system to night vision mode at night or any other time when there is not enough light, and by filtering this light during the day, there will be no effect.

It is noteworthy that infrared waves have a small range and a large part of them cannot pass through glass, so you should not place the Xiaomi IR security camera in the path of glass.

Xiaomi security camera with IR records images in black and white; The infrared beam in the Xiaomi CCTV camera destroys the possibility of identifying colors. This model of Xiaomi CCTV camera has been noticed due to its simplicity and low cost compared to other night vision cameras.

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