Changing faces with artificial intelligence in videos; How to use SwapFace

Face change with artificial intelligenceIt is one of the interesting applications of this technology, which can be very useful in some special situations. For example, this feature allows content producers and social network operators to create more attractive videos. Program SwapFace It is one of the available tools in this field, and we will introduce its features and capabilities in the following.

Face change with artificial intelligence SwapFace

SwapFace program with a volume of approx 1.5 GB It has been released only for Windows-based devices and currently does not support other operating systems. Also, there is no news of a web version or a mobile application; Although we may see the release of these items in the near future. In order to download the software installation file, you can go to the developer’s official site; But unfortunately, it is not possible to download the program through Microsoft Store.

Required hardware At least Suggested
Processor Intel Core i5 9400
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Intel Core i5 11400
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
RAM memory 8 GB 16 GB
graphic card Nvidia Geforce 1060
Radeon RX 580
Nvidia Geforce 2070
Radeon RTX 5700
operating system Windows 10

After installing the program, you must create a user account to continue working and access its features. It is possible to create an account directly from within the application or the website for free; But the free plan comes with limitations. For example, the number of AI face changes in pre-recorded videos, online streams or images is limited to 10 each, and to remove it, you have to go for premium accounts with a monthly subscription fee.

SwapFace app

By creating a user account and confirming your email, you will enter the main page of the software, which consists of several tabs; But among them, the first three tabs are more important. In the first tab titled Stream Faceswap, users can change their faces simultaneously, which is used during video streaming. The next two tabs, named Video Faceswap and Image Faceswap, are used to change faces with artificial intelligence in pre-recorded videos and photos, respectively.

1. Change faces in streams

Perhaps, according to some people, the most important feature of the SwapFace program is the ability to change faces with artificial intelligence in streams. Such a feature can be useful for content producers and social media activists who want to avoid revealing their identity, and can also be used to make videos more entertaining or interesting.

SwapFace app

To change the face in the streams, you must first select the desired input (camera or webcam) and then determine the desired resolution. Currently, only HD and Full HD options are considered, and there is no news of higher resolutions such as 4K; Although it is clear that higher quality processing will require more powerful hardware that is not found in most laptops and home computers.

In the Gallery section, a number of ready-made faces of famous people are available and users can use filters such as skin color, gender and race to limit the results. If you want to use a face outside of the ones provided in your streams, you must go to the Upload section and upload the appropriate file of the desired face. As mentioned, users of the free plan will only be able to enjoy 10 streams per day.

SwapFace app

Uploaded images should not be more than 10 MB in size, and it is better to use high-quality samples without blurring or full-face shadows to get a better result. Also, processing faces may take several minutes, and the program will notify you as soon as the output is ready. The creators of Swapface artificial intelligence software claim that the intellectual property of all content uploaded and created by users will belong to them. Finally, by going to the My face section, you will be able to access your custom faces archive.

2. AI face change in VideYAnd and photo

If you’re not into video streaming, you’ll probably find Swapface’s AI-powered face swapping in videos and photos more useful. Referring to tab Video Faceswap You can first upload the desired video and then choose your desired face from among the ready ones. As in the previous part, it is also possible to load new faces and use them. Needless to say, the possibility of uploading GIF format files is also considered.

Face change with artificial intelligence

Before pressing the start button to start the face changing process with artificial intelligence, you can choose the conversion mode. By default, Fast Mode is selected for faster processing with less accuracy; But other modes are also available to increase the quality and refine more precisely. Note that in order to benefit from other modes, it is recommended to use Nvidia series 30 and later graphics cards. By choosing the HD MP4 option, you can have a higher quality output; But the file conversion time will be longer.

The duration of the process of changing the face with artificial intelligence depends on various factors, including the hardware power of the computer, the speed of the Internet connection and the size of the selected file. Due to the strict restrictions imposed on uploading files within the country, it is recommended to use small files with a limited length for this purpose. Note that all output files in free user accounts will have a software watermark.

Face change with artificial intelligence

It is enough to change the face with artificial intelligence in photos Image Faceswap Go and then upload the images you want. The program automatically detects faces and replaces them together. After pressing the Start button, the process of loading the files will start and you can access a preview of the output file in the Preview section. Click the Download button to save the output so that you can get it in PNG format.

In the end, it should be mentioned that the Faceswap program has shown an acceptable performance in changing the face with artificial intelligence, and the credit assigned to the users of the free plan seems appropriate. However, we must not forget that in order to receive quality output in streams, you will need a relatively powerful hardware. Also, input files and their quality are of great importance; So it is better to be careful in choosing them.

Face change with artificial intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application of SwapFace?

This Windows software can change faces with artificial intelligence in photos, videos and streams.

How can we access the SwapFace software?

By referring to, you can download the installation file for Windows and after creating a user account in the app or website, you can start using the program’s features.

What devices is SwapFace available for?

Those interested in changing faces with artificial intelligence can use SwapFace software on devices based on Windows 10 or newer versions.

What are the minimum hardware specifications to run SwapFace?

To change your face in streams, you will need a 9th generation Intel Core i3 processor, an Nvidia 1060 graphics card, and 8 GB of RAM; But you don’t need a very powerful system to change faces with artificial intelligence in videos and photos.

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