Changing the luxury car price range and its tax in 1402

According to the bill proposed by the government, the tax on luxury cars in 1402 is estimated to be around 7070 billion tomans, but the intervention of the parliamentarians and the announcement of new numbers for the price range of luxury cars and their taxes have disrupted this forecast. Because according to the resolution of the parliament, the minimum price of luxury cars has changed from 1.5 billion to 3 billion tomans, and therefore a smaller number of cars (compared to the government bill) will be subject to the luxury car tax.

In the budget bill proposed by the government, cars over 1.5 billion tomans were subject to tax. Therefore, the government had predicted that it could get an income of about 7070 billion tomans through the tax on luxury cars.

But the parliament has opposed the bill proposed by the government The price of luxury cars is 3 billion tomans has increased In other words, according to the opinion of the parliament, cars worth more than 3 billion tomans are considered luxury cars that must pay taxes.

Luxury car tax 1402

Therefore, any private car (including passenger cars and vans with cabs) with a price above 3 billion Tomans is classified as a luxury car and the owner of this car In excess of this amount, he is obliged to pay the annual car tax at the rate of 1% Is.

The total tax on luxury cars in 1402 is estimated at 7070 billion tomans. But with the change in the price range of luxury cars, the government’s forecast of revenue from car tax next year will also be disrupted. Of course, the head of the country’s tax affairs has considered a solution to compensate for this loss; If changes are made by the parliament, this organization will try to More focus on identifying tax evasions will meet the previously predicted figure.

It is not bad to know that the government could not get much income through car tax in the past year due to many reasons. According to the obtained statistics, the government’s share of luxury cars this year was only 422 billion tomans; However, many owners have not yet paid taxes. However, compared to this figure, 7070 billion tomans seems to be a very large number, which is a little far from expected.

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