ChatGPT artificial intelligence got a passing grade in one of the MBA exams!

ChatGPT artificial intelligence has various capabilities. A professor at the University of Pennsylvania recently asked this chatbot for a course exam Senior business management (MBA) and ChatGPT has come out of it proud. In addition, this AI can apparently even come up with good exam questions for this field of study.

Wharton University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business Professor Christine Troisch recently tested ChatGPT’s performance on a related MBA exam. Operations management has tested He says that this tool correctly wrote the answers to most of the test questions and provided good explanations. But at the same time, he made some mistakes in performing some relatively simple calculations at the level of 6th grade math.

The current version of ChatGPT can’t answer more advanced and analytical questions, but it does a good job of solving the problems that the university uses to train and test its students, Troysh says. In total, he adds, if he were to correct the ChatGPT exam paper, he would use this AI. Grade B to -B would give

Trowish says that the test passed by OpenAI’s artificial intelligence is actually an alternative to the “operations management” class that students were forced to take before; But now, if the students pass this exam, they don’t need to take this course anymore.

ChatGPT AI can generate exam questions

The University of Pennsylvania professor also says he asked ChatGPT for him exam question The design was slow and the result was good enough that he could use these questions in the next tests.

The rise of new artificial intelligence tools with the emergence Calculators compares He says that just as calculators turned some tasks from manual to automatic, some of today’s tasks will be replaced by automatic machine activities in the future.

He has published the results of his research in the form of an article on the website of the Wharton School.

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