Chery Ant’s hatchback strength by bearing the weight of a tank

The Chery Ant is not a new car and has been produced in China since 2017, but it has been regularly updated over the years. Cherry ant has a strong body. Its frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is similar in strength to the alloys used in the aviation industry. Now the incredible strength of this small car has been confirmed by bearing the weight of the T-59 tank.

During this test, a tank is mounted on four Chery Ant machines. Considering that the T-59 weighs approximately 30 tons, each Ant has supported about 7.5 tons of weight. Their roofs may have bent, but Chery’s small cars survived. Now Chery can brag by telling the story of how his microcar can withstand the weight of a tank.

Chery has announced that 68.7% of the body of this car is made of 6000 series aluminum alloy. In addition to high strength, this alloy is lightweight and does not corrode unlike ordinary metal.

Cherry Ant specifications

Chery Ant is available in different types, including Big Ant and Little Ant, to the Chinese car market. Each of these cars is aimed at a specific group of customers. For example, the big Chery Ant is a family crossover, while the little Ant is a car for women. The version used in this test is the small Ant Cherry.

Chery Ant’s dimensions include 3200, 1670 and 1550 mm, and its wheelbase is 2150 mm. The power of Cheri Morche is supplied by an electric motor with 40 horsepower and 120 Nm of torque. The 30.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is also responsible for supplying energy to this small hatchback. Chery Ant is able to travel 301 km on a single charge. This car is sold in two types at the price of $12,750 and $13,650.

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