Chery’s one million kilometer warranty made news

Chinese car manufacturers are trying with all their might to dominate the car market of developing countries, and in this direction, they do not fail in any effort. Chery is undoubtedly one of the most prominent Chinese car manufacturers at the international level and recently Chery one million kilometer warranty For products offered in IndonesiaThe effort of this Chinese company is to show quality and win the trust of customers. Due to the 10-year useful life of the carThis guarantee shows that Cheri is confident in the quality of its products and somehow tries to convey this confidence to Indonesian customers.

Cherry products in the Indonesian market with XXL warranty have been offered, which means guaranteeing the product to 10 years or 1 million kilometers Is. This warranty is suitable for those people who Driving up to 278 kilometers per day they do. In this way, their car is under the protection of the Chery brand for 10 years, and if they do not violate the warranty rules, they are included in the company’s various services.

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Of course, similar guarantees have been provided by different companies for all types of cars. for example, Hyundai and Kia vehicles with a 10-year warranty in the United States are offered, although this warranty does not support a distance of one million kilometers. Mercedes-Benz trucks are also available in some countries with a three-year warranty, but with no distance limit.

Chery’s one million kilometer warranty is a unique warranty for Chinese cars. Chinese products have not yet been able to gain the full trust and confidence of customers worldwide. Chery has tried to improve the mentality of customers towards the quality and durability of its products by offering a one-kilometer XXL warranty, and it seems that it has adopted a successful strategy.

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Cherry products in Iran are also supplied with relatively long-term guarantees. for example MVM 315 car with a warranty of 60 thousand kilometers Available to buyers. The best warranty belongs to the Tigo 8 car, which is from Travel distance of 200 thousand kilometers or 7 years of operation supports. Chery products are mainly marketed by the automotive managers industrial group, but the question is, if a one million kilometer warranty is offered in the market of our country, would any of the Chery products reach the post-warranty period or would they be scrapped before?

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