Children are encouraged to watch yellow and superficial videos

A new study conducted by the UK’s media regulator (Ofcom) shows that popular videos among children in the country are designed to grab the audience’s attention and at the same time do not require a lot of concentration to watch. You can probably guess what the contents of these videos are about with this description.

Ofcom says it found in its research that children’s video content is mainly about so-called yellow gossip, controversy, controversy, extreme challenges and big money topics. Videos that Documentary style or reaction to various issues are made, usually have a larger audience. This issue becomes especially intense when the audience is led to choose a side of the conflict.

Fun videos aimed at kids

Ofcom claims that among the producers of this type of content are: “Mister Twenty”, Infinite and JackSucksAtStuff Mentioned on YouTube. This organization says that this group of content producers attract the attention of the audience in the form of short videos, which are curious and distinctive, and with their special editing style, they try to make the most of it. Dramatic effect to have Usually, in the editing of these videos, we see one-time jumps, changing the camera angle, special effects, animation and fast talking.

Another important issue mentioned in this study is the problem split page Is. This refers to when the user opens multiple videos side by side or on top of each other on the screen to move between videos more easily and quickly. This apparently allows the person to continue watching the next video until they can no longer focus on one video.

Splitting the page can also come in handy for influencers who want to react to videos or comment on real-world events.

Ofcom says YouTube is the most popular video platform among British children and 88 percent Children between the ages of 3 and 17 watch videos on this website or app. This organization has also announced that Tik Tok and Snapchat In recent years, they have experienced significant growth in attracting audiences.

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