China announced plans to return Mars samples to Earth

China National Space Agency’s upcoming Tianwen-3 mission to return Mars samples to Earth is taking shape, and now more information has been revealed.

According to multiple media reports, China probably early in the year 2028 It will use its Long March 5 rockets to launch two vehicles towards Mars. Renderings posted on Chinese social network Weibo, according to the report, show a small helicopter-like drone with a six-legged robot that will be used in the mission.

China’s statement about the return of Mars samples to Earth

This report states:

“China may add a helicopter and a 6-legged robot to its Mars sample return mission. However, it is not yet clear which of China, the United States and Europe will be able to return a part of the Red Planet to Earth for the first time.

China Space Agency

According to the description provided, China’s combined probe and launcher are intended to land on the surface of Mars, collect and store 500 grams of material and then launch back into space. In this mission, the two-stage landing and ascent vehicle is one group, and the orbiter and time-return spacecraft are another group of instruments of the China National Space Organization. Meanwhile, China’s orbiter will also move around Mars.

The mission’s two-stage launcher, which weighs approximately 360 kilograms, consists of a solid rocket as the first stage and a liquid propellant as the upper stage. With the help of the robotic arm of the orbiter, the upper stage of the launcher can be attached to the orbiter.

According to the slides presented by the Chinese, the desired samples of this mission may be taken from a depth of about 2 meters below the surface of Mars using a drill and a robotic arm.

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