Chinese scientists have invented a new way to make laser light

Chinese scientists have developed a new method for making Laser-like light They have developed a technology that can speed up the communication of everyday electronic devices like smartphones, as well as improve security checks in places like airports.

The new device that creates this light, known as a free electron laser, was developed by scientists at the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Of course, this technology is not completely new. Such lasers have existed before, but they were bulky and high-powered devices used in large and expensive equipment and were not very effective for daily use or mass applications. However, the new device uses only a thin piece of wire about 8 cm long to emit laser-like light at a wide range of wavelengths for various applications.

Chinese scientists’ method for making laser-like light

To create laser light, the electrons in the atoms of optical materials such as glass, crystal or gas need to absorb energy in the form of light or electricity. By doing this, the extra energy forces the electrons to move into a higher energy orbit. Soon, however, the electrons must return to their normal orbits, emitting photons along the way. In laser beams, photons all move in the same direction and at the same wavelength; What Chinese scientists have managed to recreate.

In the new study, Chinese scientists excited free electrons (high-energy electrons that are not bound to a material) by irradiating an iron wire with the help of a very fast laser pulse. The short pulse accelerates the electrons to a high speed in the wire, which causes other electrons in the wire to emit electromagnetic waves, which the free electron pulse communicates with. Then the electrons transfer energy to the waves and amplify them.

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