Chinese SUV Tank 700 was introduced to compete with Toyota Land Cruiser

The Chinese company Great Wall manufactures its tough off-road SUVs under the new Tank brand. After the 300 and 500 models, the third member of this brand named Tank 700 will enter the market. To welcome this model, Great Wall recently released some official images of it. According to the preliminary information, the hybrid version of this Chinese SUV has 510 horsepower and the gasoline model has 360 horsepower. The interesting thing is that the Chinese have this new model. Rival Toyota Land Cruiser imagine!

Chinese loyalty to the concept version

Images published by Great Wall on Weibo show that the Tank 700 is very similar to the concept introduced in 2021. This large SUV, from Rough and box-shaped design has and the designers have adjusted only some elements of the concept model. If you look carefully in the pictures, you can see that the bumpers and the rear spare cover have a simpler structure. In addition, the rear lights have become smaller and there is no news of the four exhaust outlets in the street version of Tank 700.

Tank 700
As you might guess, the 700 tank ranks above the 300 and 500.

Apart from the Great Wall, China’s Ministry of Technology and Industry has also published images of the lower trims of the 700 tank along with the body specifications. According to available information, this new Chinese SUV 5,090 mm long and 2,061 mm wide has it. Its height and wheelbase are 1,952 and 3,000 mm, respectively. With such dimensions, it should be said that the tank is 700 in terms of all dimensions Bigger than Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Is. The strange thing is that it seems that this car, despite its large dimensions, will only be produced in a 5-seater version.

Tank 700

2700 kg weight and 22 inch rims Other features of the 700 tank are mentioned by the Chinese media. These rims are surrounded by 20-inch tires.

For now, Great Wall has refused to release official pictures of the cabin, but a few spy shots of the Tank 700 have been captured. These pictures show that the dashboard of the car is in the middle part Wide screen has it. Below this display is a row of physical buttons. There are three circular screens behind the steering wheel.

Cabin image

Technical specifications of the 700 tank

In terms of technical specifications, Tank 700 will have common engines with Tank 500. According to a Chinese website, this car will be sold with the E30Z engine. This V6 engine has a volume equal to 3 liters and can 360 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque to produce The transmission of power to the wheels will also be done through a 9-speed automatic transmission. It should be mentioned that all four wheels of this off-road SUV are driven and its maximum speed will be 190 km per hour.

Concept unveiled in 2021
Concept unveiled in 2021

In addition to the above engine, it is expected that 700 b 510 HP hybrid engine also be offered. A plug-in hybrid engine with a 2-liter four-cylinder turbo engine will probably be on the engine list.

If the Chinese media report is correct, the mass production version of this car in Shanghai exhibition will be unveiled. This exhibition will be held in April. It is worth noting that Great Wall plans to expand the tank family by releasing more models. In the near future, three models named 100, 400 and 800 will be added to this tough family.

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