Complete training on how to buy a car from the commodity exchange

Stay with us in this article to be aware of How to buy a car from the commodity exchangeLet’s have a look at the latest news about the supply of different cars in this stock market.

Additional points about the commodity exchange [به‌روزرسانی] – February 1401

How to open a commodity exchange proxy account

If you are looking to buy a car through the commodity exchange, you must create a representative account for the commodity exchange. For this purpose, you need a transaction code that can be obtained through an authorized broker. After that, get an introduction letter from your agency. Take this letter of introduction to one of the banks providing proxy account services and after opening your proxy account, introduce it to the broker.

If you have a bounced check, it is not possible to open a representative account. It is also not possible to open a joint power of attorney account.

Penalty for canceling the purchase of a car in the commodity exchange (in case of winning)

If a person is announced as a winner in the commodity exchange and fails to deposit the remaining money by the due date or withdraws for any reason, he is sentenced to pay a fine that is automatically deducted from his proxy account. 5% of the total value of the transaction must be paid as a cancellation fee and half a percent as a fee. In other words, if you cancel the purchase of a car in the commodity exchange (if you have won), you must pay 5.5% of the total value of the transaction.

The first offerings of February in the Commodity Exchange were determined [به‌روزرسانی] – February 1401

New car releases were announced in the commodity exchange:

Haima S7 Iran Khodro Lamarie Emma Fardamotor automatic T5
Number 2000 Haima S7 devices 150 gray devices
200 black devices
200 white devices
200 white devices
300 black devices
Release date Tuesday, February 4 Tuesday, February 4 Tuesday, February 4
base price 743 million tomans 981 million tomans One billion and 174 million tomans
Delivery Date May 20, 1402 May 5, 1402 May 20, 1402
prepayment 50 percent 50 percent 50 percent

Comprehensive training on buying a car from the commodity exchange

With the deactivation of the integrated car allocation system, the sale of this product has been left to the manufacturers again. Of course, there is a common and transparent platform among them, which exposes cars belonging to different companies to sale better than any intermediary. Buying a car from the commodity exchange is one of the effective, albeit short-term, solutions to improve car sales in the market, which cuts off dealers from car deals and is done through brokers.

As a common, transparent and fair platform, the commodity exchange has been offering cars since the beginning of this year. By turning the car into a capital good, the commodity exchange can be considered a good intermediary for selling cars; Because the transaction is in the interest of both the seller and the buyer. In particular, the car is sold in the commodity exchange at a price higher than the factory and lower than the open market, and for this reason, both the car manufacturer and the customer will be satisfied with their purchase.

Commodity exchange has an auction mechanism and the applicant succeeds in buying the desired product (car) by offering a higher price. The car is put on the market with a base price and finally it goes to the applicant who offered the highest price. But how to buy a car from the commodity exchange?

Buying a car from the commodity exchange is done through brokers. In other words, the applicant is not directly involved in the transaction. Buying a car through the commodity exchange takes place in six stages, which include registration in the Sejam system, authentication in the Sejam, obtaining the Commodity Exchange code, opening a representative account, going to the brokerage and participating in the auction, and finally assigning the car to the customer. We will examine these steps below.

First step: Registration in Sejam system

Before taking any action, the applicant must register in the comprehensive customer information system or Sejam at the address Registration in the Sejam system requires the submission of documents and a fee of about 10,000 Tomans. The required documents for registration in Sejam include national card, birth certificate, detailed details about residence and place of work, mobile number in the name of the applicant and complete bank information including account number, bank name, branch name, branch code and Shaba code. After completing the steps, you will receive an SMS on your phone that contains a ten-digit tracking code for Sejam. By using this code, you perform the next operation, i.e. Sejam authentication.

Buying a car from the commodity exchange, registering in the Sejam system

The second step: Authentication in the Sejam system

After registering in the Sejam system, it is time for authentication, which is possible in two ways, in person and in person. In the face-to-face method, the applicant must go to one of the selected offices with documents such as the original and photocopy of birth certificate, original and photocopy of national identity card, photocopy of the last academic degree (if desired), valid address and postal address, account number and bank information. Go to the government counter or a reputable agency. The cost of face-to-face authentication is about 11,000 Tomans for a natural person and about 13,000 Tomans for a legal representative.

But in the offline method, the applicant must make a few seconds selfie video of himself and show his identity by mentioning some of his information. This information is provided in the electronic authentication section on the Sejam website. After authentication, the 5 Qomi Sajam code or the same Sajami code will be sent to your phone.

Authentication in the Sajam system of buying a car from the commodity exchange

Third step: Go to the broker and get the commodity exchange code

At this stage, you have to register in one of the reliable brokers. Brokers are your representative in the process of buying a car from the commodity exchange and registering a car order. Registration in the brokerage requires a Sajami code and is possible both in person and in person; However, most of the agencies, as well as people, prefer the internet method to visiting in person.

Therefore, choose one of the reliable brokers and after visiting the relevant website and registering, click on the section to get the exchange code. The stock exchange code is the unique identifier of each trader in the capital market.

Note that in the section of determining the type of code request, you must select the option “Physical market of the commodity exchange” in order to provide you with the possibility of buying a car from the commodity exchange. After completing the steps, take a printout of the introduction page and take it to the desired bank so that you can go through the next step, i.e. “opening a representative account”.

Go to the broker and get the commodity exchange code to buy a car from the commodity exchange

Step 4: Opening a representative account

The next step after registering and obtaining an online stock exchange code from the brokers is to create a proxy account in one of the country’s reputable banks. Some brokers may recommend a specific bank. After visiting the desired bank and creating a proxy account, go to the brokerage website again and upload the proxy account form.

Note that according to the rules related to stock exchange transactions, the applicant must deposit an amount as an advance payment to the proxy account. If the item in question is a car, the applicant must deposit the base amount of the car or the advance payment amount determined by the seller to the proxy account at least 24 hours before the start of the transaction.

Opening a representative account to buy a car from the commodity exchange

The fifth stage: participation in the auction and car purchase

After going through the previous steps, especially depositing the advance payment in the proxy account, it is time to register the order and participate in the auction. The important point in this section is to submit the request before 8:30 on the day of the car’s release in the commodity exchange. In other words, if you have not registered the order request before 8:30 a.m. on the launch day, you will not be able to participate in the auction.

Therefore, with prior knowledge of when the car will be released in the commodity exchange, refer to your brokerage system and after logging in to your account, request to register an order to buy a car.

In the commodity exchange, if the number of applicants is less than the inventory of cars, the car will be sold to the applicant without any competition. But if the inventory of cars is less than the number of applicants, the auction starts from the base price between the participants and the applicant with the highest bid wins the competition and becomes the final owner of the car. The news of success will be announced to you through the broker.

Since before the auction, you have only deposited the prepayment amount to the brokerage account, if you win, you must settle the remaining amount of the car purchase with the brokerage. After settlement, your information will be sent to the car manufacturer.

Buying a car from the commodity exchange, the stage of buying a car from the commodity exchange

The sixth step: delivery of the car to the customer

After receiving the buyer’s information, the car manufacturer creates the customer number and the corresponding contract. In this case, you have to go to the main website of the car manufacturer and pay the taxes and legal fees. Then specify the insurance company and the nearest agency to your place of residence to deliver the car.

Of course, the work does not end here. You must go to the police website and verify your residence. At this stage, you will need valid documents to prove your place of residence, such as a house deed, electricity, water, gas bill in the name of the applicant, etc.

After verifying the place of residence, you can go to the selected agency and sign the car purchase contract after presenting the documents. After signing the contract, your car will be transferred to the selected dealership at the appointed time and you can receive its keys.

Delivery of the car to the customer buying a car from the commodity exchange

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