Confirmation of mid-range Radeon 7000 graphics cards in the near future

AMD has finally confirmed that it plans to launch new budget models of the Radeon 7000 series during the current quarter.

AMD has been known to be working on mid-range models of the Radeon RX 7600 series for desktops for some time. The initial rumors indicated that this graphic card will probably be launched at the end of this month. The Radeon 7700/7600 laptop GPUs were also introduced a few months ago, but are unfortunately less available in the market.

Now it has been reported that Dr Lisa SueAMD’s CEO has officially confirmed that he is considering a new model of mid-range and economical Radeon 7000 series graphics cards. ready to market. this GPU Technically, it should be one of the series models RX x600 Or be x700.

Radeon 7000 series graphics cards

It is said that the RX 7600 graphics card will use the Navi 33 GPU with 32 processing units. Some other reports that the name of this model will be 7600XT or 7600. They were mentioned in the news. But it is possible that both models are considered. In any case, probably May 25th, which means a few days before the event Computex is considered as the launch date of this product.

The chips used in the Radeon RX 7000 series graphics cards, which are known by the code name Navi 3X, were developed based on AMD’s 5nm manufacturing technology and have the new generation of Infinity Cache memory technology. At least three models of the RDNA3 series are expected in the first phase, including the flagship Navi 31 model with 12,288 stream processors. This number is more than 2 times the number that we know in Navi 21 of RDNA2 generation.

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