Conversation limit reached eight messages per session with Microsoft Bing

Yesterday, we informed you in the news that Microsoft’s Bing chatbot now allows you to specify its behavior between three characters. But another update has been created in this artificial intelligence model, which reduces the limits of interaction with this chatbot.

“Mikhail Parakhin”, director of Microsoft’s advertising and web services department, in Personal account It has confirmed reports of an increase in the number of messages per chat session with this chatbot. Based on this, now users can talk about a topic every time Eight messages Talk to this artificial intelligence model.

A few weeks ago, following the publication of strange reports about the unexpected behavior of Bing Chat, Microsoft imposed a limit so that users can only ask this artificial intelligence five consecutive questions per session. A little later, this limit reached six messages. Now it seems that Microsoft has lowered this limit and allows you to send eight messages to Bing per session.

The limit of daily conversations remains 100 messages Is. In another tweet, Parakhin mentioned that this restriction will probably remain the same for some time. He had claimed that if you are not looking for things like data mining, the limit of 100 messages per day will meet your needs.

New characters are likely to be added to Microsoft’s Bing

Although Bing Chat currently has three characters, the number of characters in this artificial intelligence tool will probably not be limited to three. Jordi Ribas, the corporate vice president of Bing at Microsoft, previously said on his Twitter page that they are discussing within the company to add Two or three other characters are.

Since the limited release of Bing chatbot, Microsoft has faced many challenges and is trying to solve some of these challenges by making new changes. It should be mentioned that the Bing chat feature is not yet publicly available to users.

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