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Convert photo to PDF It is a common method to optimize images for printing. Most of the built-in tools of various operating systems can do this easily; But dedicated applications have been developed for the same purpose along with various websites. In the following, we will introduce the best ways to do this on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

Convert photos to PDF in Windows

Owners of Windows computers and tablets can easily through the built-in program Photos Convert the photo to PDF. This software is used by default in Windows to view image formats and can be used in recent versions of Windows, including Windows 10 and 11.

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  • To get started, navigate to the location where the desired image is saved and double-click it to open it through the Photos app. If you have changed the default image display program of your device, as an alternative path, you can first right-click on the file and then select Photos from the Open with menu.
  • In the Photos program, click on the three dots icon in the upper part of the window and then select the Print option from the opened menu. Of course, sometimes this option is placed alone in the upper bar. You can also access the print window by pressing Ctrl + P.
  • After the print window opens, click on the arrow located under the Printer title on the left panel and select the Microsoft Print to PDF option. In the Orientation section, you can define the dimensions for converting the photo to PDF, and in the Paper Size section. There are also other options for setting the page margin and the size of the photo itself in the left panel.
  • Now it’s time to click on the Print button at the bottom corner of the page. After this, the Save Print Output as window will open, where you can define the path to save the output file. Of course, you must enter a desired name for this output file in the File name field. Note that the PDF option must be selected in the Save as type menu. Finally, click on the Save button in the corner of the window.

Remember that the Photos program also supports batch conversion of photos to PDF. For this, you can go to the Collection tab and select the Select option from the corner of the screen. Next, you will be able to choose your favorite files. Note that this built-in Windows tool can also convert images to other formats including PNG and HEIC in addition to TIF.

Convert image to PDF on Mac

Apple’s Mac operating system, like Windows, supports the ability to convert photos to PDF in its image display tool. To do this, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Double click on the image you want to convert to PDF file to open it in the Preview program. If you have changed the default photo display program of your device, you can first enter the said software and then manually open the desired photo.
  • Inside the Preview program, click on the File menu and then choose Export as PDF from the displayed items. Note that by selecting the Export option, you can also convert your photo to other formats such as HEIC and PNG in addition to OpenEXR and JPEG-2000.
  • In the opened pop-up window, you can consider a new name for the output file in the Save as box. There is also the Tags section to write desired tags and the Where section to specify the saved path of the output file. Finally, click on the Save option to save the PDF file. If you are interested, you can access more details by clicking the Show Details option.

Convert photo to PDF on Android

Mobile operating systems, including Android, like Windows and MacOS, are able to convert photos to PDF. However, some dedicated apps are also intended for them for this purpose, and we will mention both methods below.

  • The Google Photos program is an example of one of the internal Android tools through which images can be converted to PDF format. This application is installed by default on many Android devices; But if you can’t find it on your device, you can download and install it through Google Play or other download sites. After installation, enter the app.
  • In the Google Photos program, select the photo you want to enlarge it. Next, touch the three dots icon from the top corner of the screen and click on the Print option with the printer icon from the menu displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now select Select a Printer from the top corner of the screen and then select Save as PDF from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Touch the blue PDF icon in the upper corner of the screen.
  • Now it’s time to enter your desired name for the output file. After doing this, click on the Save button next to the name box. Unfortunately, the Photos application does not support the ability to convert a group of photos to PDF, and for this you must repeat the mentioned steps again.

If you need more advanced features to convert images to PDF format on your Android phone or tablet, you can go for dedicated applications for this task. The Image to PDF program is one of these titles that is available to users for free, which includes various features such as automatic file classification and PDF password support.

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Image to PDF – JPG to PDF

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Convert image to PDF On the iPhone

The easiest way to convert photos to PDF on iPhone and iPad is to use Photos or Files applications. Both programs allow easy conversion of these two formats; But other exclusive titles are also available to users.

  • To convert a photo to a PDF with the Photos program, first enter it and then click on the Albums option.
  • Now you can select one or more photos (if you need to convert a group).
  • After choosing the photos you want, select the sharing option with the arrow icon in the box from the bottom corner of the screen to open the menu for it. Now select the Print option from the displayed items.
  • Now you will be transferred to the preview page of the output file, where you can enlarge or reduce the image using the Pinch feature. Finally, after applying the desired settings, tap again on the sharing icon in the upper corner of the screen. From the opened panel, you will be able to share the output file using different platforms such as email and social networks.
  • Another way to PDF a photo on an iPhone is to use the Files application. Of course, before starting work, you should note that the images must be saved in Files. To transfer images from Photos to this section, you can select the desired items in the gallery and then tap on the Save to Files button by touching the sharing option.
  • After transferring the images, enter the Files application and go to the storage location of the photos. To convert a single photo to PDF, just touch it and hold your finger on it for a few moments. Next, choose Create PDF option from the opened menu.
  • To convert multiple photos to PDF, click on the three dots icon in the upper corner of the page and then choose the Select option from the menu.
  • Now select a few photos you want and after finishing the work, click on the three dots icon in the lower corner of the screen (More). Next, select the Create PDF option from the opened menu. Finally, you can have the output file in PDF format of the selected photos in the same path as their storage.

Various other applications are available for converting photos to PDF on iPhone and iPad that provide more advanced features. One of these titles is the Photos PDF program, which can be downloaded in both free and paid versions. Of course, you can find many other cases in this field by searching.

Photos PDF: Scanner Converter


Photos PDF: Scanner Converter

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Photo to PDF conversion websites

Many websites offer online services to users in the field of conversion of various formats, among which the possibility of converting photos to PDF is also found. Working with these tools is usually easy and after uploading the desired image, you can get its output file in PDF format. Below you can see the address of some of the best websites in this field.

  • For example, we have gone to the website; But you can use any of the other online services for this purpose. To start, open a browser on your computer or mobile phone and enter the mentioned website address. Then press the Enter key.
  • Now click on the Upload Files option and then select the files you want to convert to PDF. Of course, you can also drag your files into the Drop Your Files Here box so that they become selected.
  • After selecting the files and completing their loading process, each of the images will be displayed separately at the bottom of the previous section. You can save it in PDF format on your device by clicking the Download option at the bottom of each photo; But if you want to receive all the photos at once in one PDF file, click on the Combined option.

The JPG to PDF website has the option of converting other formats to PDF, such as Word. You can find many other websites in this field by searching the internet.

Frequently asked questions of users

What is the best computer program to convert photos to PDF?

Windows default photo display programs (Photos) and Mac (Preview) are both good options for easy image to PDF conversion.

What is the best mobile app to convert photos to PDF?

Photos PDF for iPhone and iPad and Image to PDF for Android can be good options.

What is the best website to convert photos to PDF?

The website is one of the best online tools to convert image to PDF.

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