Could the new Bing be Microsoft’s big comeback in the tech world?

During its life, Microsoft, like many companies, has been successful in some areas and failed in some of them, but with the right approach and strategy, unsuccessful products can be made successful. Apparently, that’s exactly what Microsoft has in mind for its Bing search engine. But can the new version of Bing, which is accompanied by the most attractive trend in the world of technology, i.e. artificial intelligence, be considered a big return for the Redmonds and challenge Google, the most popular search engine in the world?

Ever since the ChatGPT chatbot went public, it’s been clear that big changes are about to happen in the tech world and possibly other industries. In the last few months, users have been doing more and more things with this amazing artificial intelligence, and a large part of the people soon realized that this technology is more advanced than previously thought and could possibly change a large part of our lives. .

Search engines must evolve

One of the important uses of ChatGPT, which of course is an obvious application for a chatbot, is to answer users’ questions. People now ask this AI almost all their questions and even tend to get their information from this large language model (LLM) instead of going to search engines. This is where the alarm sounded for Google, because the ChatGPT chatbot can provide answers to users’ questions in a more human way than any search engine.

Microsoft, which apparently has been working with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, for several years, soon found the right situation to implement this artificial intelligence in the new version of the Bing search engine. In the past, this search engine completely lost the market to Google, and a very small share of users referred to it for their searches. But the implementation of ChatGPT, which is the trend of the technology world these days, could be the shock that will revive Bing and bring it back to the competitive scene.

If you think it is unlikely that anything can shake the position of Google, you should know that even the company itself is scared. Reports indicate that the search engine giant has declared status red in response to ChatGPT’s popularity and potential, asking its founders to step back in to assess the situation and come up with an appropriate response.

Google will not rest against Microsoft

Google knows better than any other company that if it can’t respond well to the exciting new version of Bing, it will lose at least part of its audience. Therefore, although Google had said that they did not want to rush into the artificial intelligence chatbot market due to their reputation, it seems that they finally had to unveil a new artificial intelligence called “Bard” a day before Microsoft’s event. do This software is based on LaMDA technology.

Google says Bard is a conversational AI model that can directly answer various user questions and will be available to users publicly in the coming weeks. This model is undoubtedly a response to ChatGPT and, of course, the implementation of its more advanced version in the Bing search engine. The people of Mountain View want to eliminate the need for their users to refer to competing products, but will they succeed in this task?

As we said, Google’s bard was developed based on LaMDA technology, and if you remember, this technology created controversy months ago. It was late spring of 1401 that one of Google’s engineers claimed that LaMDA’s artificial intelligence had become self-aware, and that’s why he was fired from the company. Therefore, Google probably has advanced technology and will not leave the competition to Bing so easily.

Cooperation with OpenAI will be Microsoft’s winning card?

However, Microsoft is apparently very optimistic about its partnership with OpenAI. Last night, this company implemented a more advanced version of ChatGPT, called GPT-3.5 model, in addition to the Bing search engine in the new Edge browser, in order to put pressure on Google’s Chrome browser. Edge users can now access Microsoft’s chatbot directly from the browser’s sidebar based on the content of web pages and ask him to do various tasks for them.

Microsoft will not limit itself to these two products in the use of artificial intelligence. The company is confident that artificial intelligence will play an important role in the growth of their company in the future, and according to reports, it is going to implement ChatGPT technology in software such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Now, if we assume that the users in one of these products are satisfied with the artificial intelligence of this company, why should they not repeat their pleasant experience by using other products of this company? Can this domino be the success for Microsoft that the competitors dream of?

The reality is that predicting the future is difficult. The competition between Microsoft and Google in the field of search engines, browsers and artificial intelligence will undoubtedly be an attractive competition and can help the technology industry to progress even more. What we can say with certainty now is that artificial intelligence will be an integral part of all possible scenarios for the future, and the company that can best use this technology will have a brighter future.

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