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The movie You People, starring Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill, wants to deal with the cultural differences of two families with different religions and customs, but is the result of the work successful? Be with Zumji.

You People follows a newlywed couple and their families as they explore the concept of modern love and dynamic family relationships amidst the clash of cultures, generational differences, and societal expectations. The movie you people actually has a familiar story, which is not a very new story, and in this comedy movie, two different families are supposed to be compared to each other, and their relationship and differences are supposed to create comedy scenes. On the other hand, the presence of actors like Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy in the movie You People has increased expectations.

But has this new Netflix comedy movie been able to fully meet its expectations? Instead of making fun of the differences between two families, the movie You People decides to focus on other topics such as religion, race and other issues and trends of the day. In the same way, the film tries to shape its comedy scenes and convey its message. But from the very beginning, he is facing a big problem, and that is that he really has nothing new to say.

Jonah Hill's laugh in the comedy film You People, one of the most anticipated films of 2023

From the very beginning, the new Netflix comedy tries to prove that it wants to deal with cultural, religious and racial issues, but the further we go, the more it becomes clear that the creators of it are more of a different cover on their film than we are really on the side of a different effect. Sometimes the creators of a movie admit that they have nothing new to say and instead try to make the same repetitive work as entertaining and interesting as possible. But in the case of the movie You People, it is completely different.

On the surface, You People is supposed to do something new and different, but on the inside, it’s a full-fledged cliche comedy.

They know very well that the movie practically follows the same story that we can easily predict every part of the movie that in the beginning two completely different people fall in love with each other and then their families will separate them and in the end everything will be fine. It ends. But the negative part of the movie you people It’s obvious that it’s slow and boring right from the start, it’s exactly where the filmmakers seem to have decided to make their movie boring in the worst possible way.

Whenever You People is on a high, it suddenly drops very quickly and this up and down trend continues throughout the film and we don’t have a point where the film maintains its momentum. We see a father who is trying to prevent his daughter from marrying Jonah Hale’s character, and in contrast, the mother of the son of the family treats her future bride like a doll or a commercial product. The film wants to show the conflicts between the two families in this way, but this theme does not have enough depth and is repeated many times throughout the film.

Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill on a plane in You People

The main focus of the film You People is on the issue of racism, which has become a hot topic in the media these days, and this story plays an important role in the problems and differences of two families. The film tries to address this social issue as much as possible, but it picks up a rock that it cannot control. The film wants to deal with racism and such issues, but the end result seems more like it can increase it.

The point is that when a movie wants to deal with a social issue, it needs to narrate the story in an unbiased way and not deal with the issue in a one-sided way so that the viewer feels that the movie is only trying to blame one group and the other group is oppressed. show off Of course, your movie, the people, does not know in general which goals it is trying to achieve and gets so lost among its goals that it finally decides to present a completely clichéd and predictable ending.

But what about the movie you people It is safe to say that the film has become too dependent on social media trends. This is a problem that can be seen in many movies these days where the filmmakers seem to be working to please a small and angry group on Twitter and they don’t seem to care about the main audience who is going to watch the movie through a streaming service.

Jonah Hill and Lauren Landen walking down the street in You People

The movie You People is exactly like a movie whose script was written based on the tweets of an extremist Twitter page, and the author himself had no idea or creativity in writing it. This issue is definitely annoying for me, the viewer, that the film wastes a large and important part of its time in this way, instead of really telling a story and really dealing with the problem of racism in a society. This is despite the fact that we had good and quality films in this field during the past decades, but now we are on the side of a film that only makes slogans.

The movie You People is exactly like a movie whose script was written based on the tweets of an extremist Twitter page and the author himself had no idea or creativity in writing it.

The comedy film You People could have followed its simple, repetitive and completely mundane story instead of chanting and turned into an even more entertaining film. But the result of the work shows the opposite and they just wanted to show their film beyond a stereotype by adding some social issues. Finally, giving a few empty slogans and claiming to address the social and cultural differences of different strata of a society without any depth in the script is a deception on the part of the filmmakers.

They falsely make such a claim about their film, but this is not true inside the film and from time to time the characters want to change the film from a simple romantic comedy film to a comedy drama film dealing with social issues by giving various slogans on social networks. convert But it gets worse where even the good jokes are so rare during You People that the movie becomes really hard to watch in some minutes.

Julia Louis Dreyfus and Jonah Hill in You People

You People movie has gone to well-known and popular comedy actors to fill the void of creating suitable jokes in the script. Jonah Hill, who plays the main role of the film, has become the big problem and perhaps the main problem of the film. He, who is also the producer of the film, is a completely soulless character whose performance is almost no different from his previous works. Instead, we are dealing with a character whose only job is to please his future father-in-law and who has few positive and good moments throughout the film.

To some extent, this problem also applies to Lauren Landen, but Eddie Murphy’s performance and to some extent Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s performance are relatively positive points of You People. Of course, the potential of Eddie Murphy was not used properly and the filmmakers could have focused more on the relationship between Murphy and Hill, and the conflict between these two characters is actually the only positive and almost funny part of the movie. However, unfortunately, this payment is in small parts of the film, and in the rest of the film, it is very casually passed by.

On the other hand, the relationship between the character of Dreyfus and the character of Landen has not worked out, which can be attributed to the problems of the script, which did not have a good and suitable idea for this part. Even though You People has good comedy stars in its cast, it can’t use their potential well and this Netflix comedy is too hyped. Although the film claims to do something different, in reality this appearance is a big lie from the makers of the film.

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