Critics’ reaction to Dual Sense Edge

From today, the special handle for PlayStation 5 called Dual Sense Edge has been made available to all users, and reviews of this controller indicate a practical product for PlayStation 5 users.

Since the launch of the Xbox Elite, PlayStation users have been waiting for an official Pro Controller for their PlayStation 4 console. But until the end of the PlayStation 4 era and the first two years of the PlayStation 5 release, there was no news of a more advanced game category until Sony officially introduced DualSense Edge. A gamepad with customization features on the front and back of the controller that lets you change things like the analogs and pedals on the back of the controller.

However, the price of this controller is 200 dollars and it may be considered a high cost for some users. Recently, various reviews of Dual Sense Edge have been published, and in the following we will see the opinions of some critics regarding Dual Sense Edge, and share your opinions with us.

DualSense Edge

  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Platform: PlayStation 5
  • Publication date: 6th of February

Dual Sense Edge

IGN: 90 out of 100

The presence of customizations for the front and back of the DualSense Edge controller, along with attractive software and buttons with tangible and understandable functions, finally provides an answer to PlayStation owners in front of the venerable Xbox Elite controller.

Verge: 70 out of 100

Finally, DualSense is (for now) the best option if you’re gaming on PC. DualSense Edge on Steam is recognized as a PlayStation 5 controller, but currently you can’t switch between the different built-in profiles or use the back pedals and other features (I’ve asked Sony when, if there is a plan, when we’ll see full support for We will have the personalization features of DualSense Edge on PC). However, if you are looking for a pro-level controller for the PlayStation 5 and you don’t mind the low battery charge problem, you will be happy to buy the DualSense Edge.

New York Times: No score

Costing more than twice as much as the DualSense, the Edge controller is hard to convince the user to buy. If I had $200 to spend on a gaming accessory, I don’t think the DualSense Edge would be my first choice. Instead, I could buy a Nintendo Switch Lite or a great gaming headset. That being said, PlayStation fans and enthusiasts will probably love DualSense Edge, and now that I’ve used it, it will be sad to part with it.

Videogamer: No score

If buying this controller is a question for you, you should consider its price. The DualSense Edge costs $199, and it’s no secret that that’s a lot of money for a controller. Meanwhile, the quality provided is beyond other competitors. As a pro controller for PlayStation 5, the DualSense Edge could be your only choice.

GameSpot: No score

Finally, we come to the question of whether this controller is worth the cost of $200 or not. Each person’s purchasing conditions are different depending on what they want from their category. For casual users, it may be more worthwhile to choose alternatives, as there are cheaper third-party controllers for the PlayStation 5. However, based on my experience, I believe the DualSense Edge is well made, the weight of the controller is more satisfactory, and it offers the attractive features I expect from a high-end controller. This is a bundle that you can use for many years or even until the end of the PlayStation 5 era. In the end, the DualSense Edge is, like other pro controllers on the market, a cool accessory that isn’t a must-have, but one that’s likely to be fun to have.

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