Critics’ reaction to the game Atomic Heart

The average score of Atomic Heart game has just been published and according to the average, we see a relatively good experience.

Seven years ago, the development of Atomic Heart began. A product that, according to its demos, promised an exciting first-person shooter game. The presence of elements from BioShock and Prey games made users wait more for Atomic Heart.

At the same time, after years of waiting, the game Atomic Heart was available to users today, and its average scores were published yesterday. In the meantime, I would like to point out that users of the Game Pass service on PC and Xbox can download and experience Atomic Heart for free. In the following, you can read the opinions of some critics of the Atomic Heart game on Zumji and share your opinions with us.

Atomic Heart

  • Manufacturer: Mandefish
  • publisher: Focus Home Entertainment
  • style: First person shooting action
  • Platform: Computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X Xbox Series S
  • Release date: February 2

An image of the battle with robots in the game Atomic Heart

Zoomji: 65 out of 100

Atomic Heart is one of those games that has a high potential to become a lasting effect, but the incorrect use of some elements has made even the new and new gameplay items not stand out as they should. The game offers a good experience visually and musically, and the upgrades also have a good impact on the combat. But, the weak story and ordinary characters along with the problems of the combat system are among the things that you will face during the almost 20-hour experience.

Hobby consoles: 90 out of 100

Despite a few minor technical glitches, Atomic Heart is a fun, spectacular, and powerful shooter that will delight fans of the genre and story-tellers alike.

Dual Shockers: 84 out of 100

Unlike a few cases of minor missed opportunities to inspire a big game of gaming, Atomic Heart blew me away with its remarkable creative world that showcases the strangest and most unique vision of Soviet propaganda. This game has been in development for over half a decade and has been released as one of the best first person shooter games of this generation.

Push Square: 60 out of 100

We see the result of using shooting, stealth and role-playing very well, but they rarely match each other. The historical appearance of the alternative game is interesting and there are different ways to kill the robots. But these elements are incompatible with the game’s overcrowded and inappropriate storytelling and characterization.

GamesRadar: 50 out of 100

Atomic Heart has a lot of big ideas, but doesn’t execute the basics very well. With its incomprehensible storytelling, weightless combat, and boring first-person platforming, Atomic Heart is overshadowed by the games it clearly inspired.

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