Critics’ reaction to the game Redfall

The average score of Redfall game has just been published and Arkin’s latest creation is not an interesting and entertaining product.

Arkin has always been known for making successful and entertaining games, and if we look at their games, we will see that they all have similar elements. Even Prey and Deathloop, two ostensibly separate products from the Dishonored series, incorporated some of Arcane’s beloved formula.

Meanwhile, after the introduction of the game Redfall, it became clear that we are dealing with a completely different product. A co-op game for four players, during which you have to complete various missions and advance the story part of the game. The early demos of the game were not able to attract the audience as they should have and it seemed that we were on the side of a simple vampire-centric product. Now, Arkin Studio’s latest release, Redfall, has just been released, and its average rating doesn’t promise an engaging and entertaining game.

In the following, you will read some of the opinions of Redfall game critics and you can also share your opinions with us.


  • Manufacturer: Arkin Studio
  • publisher: Xbox game studios
  • style: First person shooter and open world
  • Platform: Computer, Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S
  • Date of Release: May 12

The characters of the game Redfall on the street

Hobby consoles: 78 out of 100

Redfall will be a good game when all the technical problems on the game release day are fixed. Arkin’s good effort in terms of story structure and gameplay is overshadowed by constant bugs and glitches, and aside from all that, we see an extremely entertaining exclusive.

God Is Geek: 60 out of 100

Obstacles such as very weak artificial intelligence, dry and unattractive missions and pop-up textures have stood in the way of Redfall. Therefore, the best parts of the game are completely under the shadow of problems.

Gamingbolt: 50 out of 100

Redfall is the weakest game of Arkin Studio today. A good story structure and a remnant of the usual team-building formula alone is not enough to overcome the many problems such as stiff character direction, poor flashy storytelling, technical shortcomings and disappointingly poor designs.

Wellfield: 45 out of 100

A disappointing attempt at the open-world first-person shooter genre, Redfall lacks any of the flavor and mechanics we’ve come to expect from Arkin Studios.

GameSpot: 40 out of 100

Unfortunately, Redfall is a game that should not have been released. Numerous bugs have greatly affected the replay loop of exploring the game world with friends. At the same time, the replay loop of the game has been affected due to the poor performance of the game elements. I don’t know if Arkin Studios set out to develop a loot-based shooter themselves or if they were tasked with the task. But, I can say that one of the best game studios in the world has suddenly become powerless and ineffective.

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