Critics’ reaction to the game Wild Hearts

Some time ago, the average score of Wild Hearts game was published. The number of reviews gradually increased and these scores indicate a good and entertaining game.

It was the summer of this year when it became clear that Omega Force Studio is working on a new game called Wild Hearts and it will be released by Electronic Arts. From the start, Wild Hearts showed that it was being developed as a competitor to the ongoing Monster Hunter series. Players alone or with their friends are able to receive various missions and kill monsters to advance the story of the game and be able to use the contents of Endgame.

Some time ago, the average score of Wild Hearts was published and we see a good performance from the latest creation of Omega Force. In the following, you can read the opinions of some critics about the game Wild Hearts on Zumji and share your opinions with us.

Due to the lack of immediate publication of many media reviews about this video game on Metacritic, we waited until the number of reviews reached a reasonable level and then published the average scores.

Wild Hearts

  • Manufacturer: Omega Force
  • publisher: Electronic Arts
  • style: Role-playing action
  • Platform: Computer, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Xbox Series S
  • Release date: 28 February

Wild Hearts game by Electronic Arts and Omega Force

Hobby consoles: 85 out of 100

Wild Hearts is more than a proposition, and it’s well beyond comparison to the towering Monster Hunter. The points that make this game stand out are clear and give Wild Hearts its own structure. The Japanese look and design of the game is very convincing and it cannot be considered a finished IP in any way. Wild Hearts could have a bright future as a series.

GamesRadar: 80 out of 100

Wild Hearts is a worthy competitor to Monster Hunter, with innovative and clever weapons. You will face scary monsters in this experience. However, the annoying game camera appears. Omega Force has skillfully avoided the repetitive and idiosyncratic, and Wild Hearts demonstrates this very well.

IGN: 80 out of 100

Wild Hearts’ construction mechanism adds a fun twist to its familiar elements. But the game has the same formula used in Monster Hunter with a good co-op system.

Distractoid: 80 out of 100

In the end, it is the user community that will decide whether or not Wild Hearts will remain a viable game until a new version of Monster Hunter is released. I hope this game continues to work.

Guardian: 60 out of 100

Electronic Arts and Omega Force have succeeded in an unattractive venture by entering the hunting genre. The game is like an available radio single in front of Monster Hunter’s Adventure Prague album. Wild Hearts is silly and flawed and probably won’t be a lasting experience. But if you have the patience, it will be fun. Whether he can keep me entertained remains to be seen. However, after years of fatigue, I finally feel that I can enter this style more; A style that was once impenetrable to me.

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