Crows are also able to understand the concept of return

Despite the fact that man was thought to be the only creature with the ability to understand The concept of “Recursion” has, but now the researchers of the University of Tübingen, Germany have realized through experiments that crows can also understand this concept.

In an article published in the journal Science Advances, scientists have claimed that crows also have sufficient cognitive capabilities to understand the concept of return. This concept here means existence Meaningful structures in other structures Is. Of course, crows aren’t the first animals we’ve found to be capable of sensing return. Two years ago, another group of researchers made this finding for monkeys.

In both animal studies, they taught their subjects to find pairs of hooks within a sentence of punctuation. For example, in one example they were asked to find the parentheses in the sentence (). Once the crows understood the experiment, the researchers produced longer sentences to see if the animals could detect internal cues.

The Crows did not do this by accident

Diagram of the return concept test in crows

The result was that the crows, like the monkeys, were able to learn internal characters diagnosis give This experiment was repeated so many times to eliminate the possibility of randomly choosing the correct signs. They also made a change to their experiment to correct what they believed was an error in the monkey experiment.

To make sure that the crows were not simply remembering the order of the symbols, the scientists more complicated they did For this purpose, the researchers added other characters to their sentences, but found that this did not even affect the crows’ speed of action. In fact, this bird could detect the desired sign with the same ability as before.

The topic of return is very useful in psychology and logic. This concept is also widely used in computer science and programming.

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