Daily conversation limit with Bing chatbot reached 120 messages

Over time, Microsoft is reducing the limits of the Bing chatbot and now it has decided to increase the number of daily messages from 100 to 120 messages so that more users can talk to it.

Microsoft decided to reduce the number of user interactions with the Bing chatbot due to inappropriate responses. This limit was first 50 messages per day, then 60 messages per day and after some time it reached 100 messages per day, but now this limit has been reduced to 120 messages per day.

Increase daily interactions with Bing chatbot

“Mikhail Parakhin”, director of Microsoft’s advertising and web services department, in a tweet It has announced an increase in daily interactions with Bing Chat up to 120 messages per day. Parakhin also mentioned that for a while BingChat only answered 6 questions per session, but now this limit has been reduced to 8 messages per session. According to this Microsoft manager, the restrictions will be reduced soon.

Bing chatbot

Microsoft has been trying to steadily loosen the Bing chatbot’s restrictions over the past few weeks. Considering that more and more users will access Bing Chat over time, this issue is of great importance.

Along with reducing the restrictions, the Redmonds have also added different characters to their chatbot, each of which answers users’ questions in a different style. In addition, the new Bing has a celebrity secret mode that imitates the behavior of famous celebrities. This mode will probably be added to Bing soon so that it is no longer a hidden character.

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