“Dal” startup, a solution to increase awareness of insurance industry services

The 1690 telephone consultation center as the main part of DAL services will have nationwide coverage in the country from the beginning of July with the number 1690. The service of this call center will be by phone, 24 hours and free of charge.

“Dal” press conference was held this morning in the main building of this complex. In this press conference, it was announced that “Dal” is a product based on providing insurance advice and in order to increase public knowledge of the insurance industry, in order to increase the penetration rate of insurance.

Optimizing insurance products and finally selling these products to consumers is the ultimate goal of Dal. Based on the plan it has developed, Dal is trying to expand the penetration of insurance to different levels and branches of insurance, including fire insurance, life insurance, etc. This system is currently activated in the form of a pilot for the employees of the “Select” group and will be launched publicly a month later.

Dahl also focuses on public education and transparency about the details of the insurance industry. In the press conference of the unveiling of this product, the directors of Dal mentioned the main part of the activity of this startup as Dal’s contact center.

Dal call center, as the main part of Dal services, will have nationwide coverage in the country from next month with 1690 number. After the public offering of services in this center, its services will be provided by phone, 24 hours and free of charge.

Dall’s effort to increase the penetration rate of insurance

In response to Digiato’s question about whether Dal intends to enter this field despite the problems of the insurtech industry, Neda Islahi, Dal’s product manager, said: “Dal’s main structure and infrastructure is based on insurance. Although Dal intends to develop and clarify the flow of education about insurance, it does not consider itself separate from this industry, and it is possible to enter the fields of direct provision of insurance services.

Explaining the society’s low acceptance of buying insurance online, Ishahi pointed to the lack of sufficient knowledge of the society in this area and said: “Using some areas of technology requires knowledge about that area, and the use of online insurances is also in this group. Fields such as the stock market, banks and insurance, which are related to the financial field, require knowledge, literacy and awareness.

The product manager of “Dal” stated that the reason for the formation of this startup was the knowledge about the insurance field and the discovery of the needs of the Iranian society about the insurance industry by the managers of this group.

Referring to the parameter of penetration coefficient in the insurance industry, Ishahi said: “Insurance penetration coefficient is a different number in different countries. This coefficient in Iran is very low both compared to the global coefficient and compared to developed countries. The average global penetration coefficient is 7 to 7.5, and in Iran this number is approximately 1.4. The low penetration rate of insurance in Iran also means that Iranians buy less insurance.”

According to him, in economic and financial sciences, the insurance penetration coefficient is used as one of the welfare parameters.

Explaining the reason why Iranians buy less insurance, Ishahi said: “Lack of knowledge about insurance is the main reason why Iranian citizens buy it less.” Dal also intends to increase the awareness of the society about the details of services and insurance coverage.

Lack of awareness is the main reason for limited use of insurance

Referring to the researches and analysis done on Iran’s insurance market, Dal product manager said: “Based on the research and the discovery of the reasons for the low insurance penetration rate in Iran, the way insurance products are presented and the lack of variety of insurance products are the main reasons for low purchase. “Insurance is by individuals.”

Lack of knowledge about the need for insurance coverage and how to buy insurance at the lowest cost is one of the reasons that, according to the reformist belief, Iranian consumers are less likely to use the variety of insurances, and now “DAL” plans to solve the knot of lack of knowledge and proper knowledge about the variety of insurance products. destroy

In a part of his explanation, Ishahi said, stressing that the lack of awareness and knowledge will ultimately lead to the loss of all stakeholders, from the consumer to the seller: “Focusing is a sign of moving in the direction that by increasing the awareness of all stakeholders, the appropriate profit and productivity from experience this industry.”

“Alireza Jazayeri”, the co-founder of Dal, pointing out that the Dal startup is looking for reasons for choosing people, said: “In the Dal system, the reasons that a user needs to choose insurance are presented to him. For example, one of the reasons for choosing an insurance is its price, which is explained in the system.

Jazayeri also said: “Users will receive the best and most suitable service as an offer by providing information about their place of residence, desired cost, and other such things.

Wide access to information

“Alireza Jazayeri”, the co-founder of Dal, also explained the reasons for starting the work of this startup and said: “The Dal system makes the reasons for choosing a type of insurance clear for the user.”

Jazayeri also emphasized: “Calculation and analysis of different prices of insurance services in Dal will lead to the possibility of high analysis of this system.”

The co-founder of Dal Zar continued: “Dal’s comparison platform is one of the best cores of Predashi. In addition to that, the necessary licenses have been properly followed up and it is possible to provide online insurance licenses by Dal.

Systems for greater penetration and security

Jazayeri also mentioned the connection of the Dal system to the Sanhab system and said: “In using the Sanhab system, people provide Dal with the appropriate information needed for counseling by entering their national code and license plate.”

The co-founder of Dal, continuing his explanation, said: “Dal has received the EFTA license for nearly 6 months. The security matters are also observed to a very high level and Dal is fully responsible for the security flow of its users.

He said about the infrastructure and architecture of Dal online platform: “Dal’s structure is based on scalability and lack of physical presence of human resources. Based on this, the personnel can access the case information through the system in the form of remote work and without being in the main center.

In this part of his explanation, Jazayeri emphasized the very high security of this layer.

Dal’s co-founder also mentioned the video visit structure in Dal’s system and said: “Dal has the possibility to conduct all body insurance visits online and uses other systems to prevent fraud. This process is done in a time interval of 10 minutes.

Jazayeri also said in the final part of his explanation: “The main focus and attention is on the development of the infrastructure of the call center.” This call center is under final development and will be launched publicly in the next month.

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