Dealers’ heavy profit from the new plan to replace used cars

According to the law of organizing the car, the car manufacturing companies are required to provide 10% of the sales of their products in the form of the plan to remove worn-out products. While this doesn’t seem to appeal to actual consumers, it does Dealers convinces According to the law in question, 10% of sales Car manufacturers should be dedicated to withdrawing and replacing obsolete models, and based on this, the owners of these cars have a higher chance than customers. This is despite the fact that according to the scrapping laws, this plan is not attractive enough for many used car owners and instead, it has attracted middlemen and dealers.

The criterion of a car’s wear and tear, according to the regulations for the removal of worn-out cars and the Clean Air Law, is the wear age limit. Depreciation age for gasoline and dual-fuel public cars 8 years, gas-based public cars 10 years, electric public cars 14 years, gas-based vans 14 years, diesel dual-fuel gasoline 13 years, diesel intra-city buses 8 years, gas-based buses 10 years 20 years for inner-city electric bus (renovated), 8 years for inner-city and extra-urban diesel minibus and middle bus, and 10 years for gas base, and 20 years for renovated electric.

Applicants to participate in scrapping and replacement of used cars, if they win the lottery, must pay within a certain period of time Decommission your vehicle take action In fact, the delivery of the registered car to those who have won the project is subject to the submission of the scrapping certificate, and otherwise, no car will be delivered. Up to this point, it is considered a normal procedure, but the problem here is that no money will be paid to their owners in exchange for the scrapping of used cars.

In other words, the owners of the used car, in exchange for the points they received (increasing the chances of winning the lottery), practically have to sell their car. Free at disposal centers put Meanwhile, they are counting on the sale of their used car to pay for the registered car, and when they are not going to receive money for this, many will not have the necessary motivation to participate in this plan. Although, taking into account the difference between the factory price and the new car market and the low price of the used car, winning this scheme is still in the interest of the customers, but this is enough for the real consumers who are facing a lack of cash and do not want to scrap their used car for free. Not attractive enough.

On the other hand, the design of used cars is attractive for middlemen and dealers; Because even though there is no money involved in scrapping the used car, still due to the difference in the price of the factory and the new car market, the plan in question has the necessary attraction for them. Therefore, it is not unlikely that part of the registrations of the abortion plan, due to National card rental for owners of used cars done For example, if we consider the price of a worn-out Peugeot RD to be 40 million tomans, if the owner of this car wins the scrapping scheme of Peugeotpars, he will actually gain about 150 million tomans from the price difference between the factory and the market of this car. By deducting 40 million tomans of the value of the car that he does not get, the winner will still gain 110 million tomans. With this account, the plan of scrapping and replacing worn-out cars in the sales of car manufacturers has a kind of rent in its heart, which seems to have been closed by the policymaker due to its effect on decommissioning worn-out cars.

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