Deciphering a 2300-year-old mummy that was protected by 49 spells + photo

The mummified remains of an Egyptian teenage boy, housed in a Cairo museum, have recently been examined. Researchers have found with digital methods that the body of this teenager is decorated with a lot of amulets or talismans and plants.

According to CNET, a group of researchers have found in a new study that an unnamed 14- or 15-year-old teenager entered the afterlife with a large amount of spells. At least the computerized CT scan shows that the ancient Egyptians believed so; Because around his body approx 49 Amulet had placed

The mummy of this teenage boy was carefully decorated

Sahr Salim, a radiologist at Cairo University in Egypt, who was the senior researcher of this research, says: “The body of this mummy is remarkably decorated with 49 amulets, and these amulets are beautifully arranged in a special way. three rows They are placed between the layers of fabrics and inside the depressions of the body. Many of these talismans are made of gold, so the researchers named this mummy “golden boy” have left

Salim says that the decorations of the Golden Boy’s body are in accordance with some rituals of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which include rituals to help the dead enter the world after death, and include various things such as Covering the feet with sandals Is. In addition, investigations show that all the internal organs of this teenager, except for his heart, were removed from his body. Researchers say that they were able to see the boy’s teeth in the scans.

The coffin of the golden boy for the first time in a year 1916 It was discovered in Nag el Hassaya cemetery, which was the burial place of the deceased of the city of Edfu. This boy lived around the time of the Ptolemaic period in 330 BC and probably belonged to a high-ranking family. The cause of his death is unknown, but there are no unusual marks on the boy’s body.

The results of this research have been published in Frontiers in Medicine.

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