DeepMind integrates with Google’s Brain team

In 2014, Alphabet acquired the artificial intelligence company DeepMind, and now Google is combining it with the Brain team to form a new group called Google Deep Mind. According to the CEO of Google, “Sundar Pichai”, this action leads to a significant increase in the speed of progress of this company in the field of artificial intelligence.

The CEO of DeepMind, Demis Hassabis, serves as the CEO of Google DeepMind. According to Pichai, Hassabis manages the development and progress of Google’s most powerful artificial intelligence systems.

Jeff Dean, the former vice president of Google Research and Health, who is one of the main people in founding the Brain team, will serve as the chief scientist of Google Research and Google DeepMind.

Google wants to have a stronger presence in the world of artificial intelligence

In a note to DeepMind employees, Hassabis pointed out that cooperation with the Google team could lead to a significant improvement in the lives of billions of people:

“Together, in close collaboration with our incredible colleagues at Google, we have a real opportunity to deliver AI research and products that can dramatically improve the lives of billions of people, transform industries, serve communities and drive progress.” become a science In my opinion, by creating Google DeepMind, we can reach the desired future. “We can build more general and capable, safer and more responsible artificial intelligence to solve some of the toughest scientific and engineering challenges of our time.”

Demis Hassabis

DeepMind sought more independence from Google in the past years, but reportedly gave up its efforts in 2021; Because Google pressured this sector to commercialize DeepMind research. Even now, the world of artificial intelligence is developing at an extremely high speed, and Google, as one of the old players in this market sector, wants to play a bigger role in it, so the integration of teams can be of great help to the world’s internet search giant.

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