Designing a store website or buying a ready-made store website? Which one is right for my business?

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With the increasing development of technology, the use of websites by people, especially for online shopping, has become much more than before. Especially in our country, where the culture of online shopping has become popular in recent years. Considering this issue, having a physical store is not enough for business owners alone. For this reason, today, designing a store website is one of the main needs of sellers to expand their business in the field of the Internet. But maybe at the beginning of the way of setting up a store site, this question has arisen for you: is designing a dedicated store website more suitable for my business or buying a ready-made store site?

No need to worry. In this article, by examining the advantages and disadvantages of building a store website and buying a ready-made online store, you will be helped in choosing the right website for your business. But before that, let us first talk about the importance of designing a store website so that if you still have doubts about having an online store, put it aside and start ordering a store website. So don’t miss reading the rest of the article.

Table of Contents:

1- The importance of store website design for businesses

2- Which type of online store website design is suitable for my business?

3- The advantages of designing a dedicated store website

4- Disadvantages of designing a dedicated online store

5- The advantages of buying a ready-made store site

6- Disadvantages of buying a ready-made online store

5- Summary

The importance of store website design for businesses

As we mentioned, due to the change in people’s lifestyles and their increasing use of online stores. Having an online store site is necessary for any business. Because if various businesses in today’s world have not launched their store site, they are doomed to lose a large number of customers. Also, different users search for their products and services first on the Internet and make purchases after the necessary checks. Therefore, if you have not had the desire to design a store website until now, it is better to start thinking about it now.

Which type of store website design is suitable for my business?

Choosing the right online store website will lead to better performance and favorable results. Because different jobs have different needs. Therefore, before choosing any store web design, be sure to specify your needs and goals according to your business so that you can make the right decision in choosing the website design method.

Designing a store site or buying a store site?

If the time frame is one of your priorities and you want to launch your online store in a short time, buying a ready-made store website is more suitable for you, but if the time to launch the website is not your first priority and you want a website with facilities and features Be unique. Designing a dedicated store website will be a good option for you. In order to be able to make the right decision in choosing a website design method, continue to review the advantages and disadvantages of store website design Buy a store site we will pay. So don’t miss the next article.

Advantages of designing a dedicated store website

Designing a dedicated online store has many advantages that have made it popular. We will mention some of these benefits below.

1- High flexibility

The construction of the online sales website is done according to your wishes and needs. While there may be many other online stores that use a pre-made template for their site.

2- Overtaking competitors

Your dedicated store site stands out from the competition because it is designed specifically for you. On the other hand, it will be easier to change it over time as your business progresses.

3- Greater adaptability

Mobile compatibility is another advantage of designing a dedicated store website. The built site can be displayed in any browser and device. This is despite the fact that some ready-made WordPress templates do not have such a feature.

4- Optimization for search engines

Thanks to the unique design and compliance with the principles of SEO from the beginning of coding, your online platform has the ability to be easily placed on the first page of Google. This will greatly help the visibility and increase the traffic of your online store.

Disadvantages of designing a dedicated online store

So far, we have learned about some of the advantages of setting up an online platform in a proprietary and coded manner, and we will continue to introduce some of the disadvantages of this method.

1- Higher cost

This method is more expensive than other methods. Because in this method, all the coding steps are done by a professional and expert team so that the best store website design is done for you.

2- Being time consuming

Due to the fact that the design of such store websites is done on an exclusive and customized basis, and adding various features and facilities requires the knowledge and skills of the programming team, it will take more time than other methods of building online sales. had

The advantages of buying a ready-made store site

Buying a ready-made store site for different businesses has various advantages, which we will introduce below.

1- Saving time and money

Buying an internet store site allows you to save a lot of time and money in designing and developing your website. Also, in the design of such sites, there is no need to have special skills or knowledge in the field of coding.

2- Easy navigation

Such websites usually have a simple career interface that is easy to use for any person who has a brief knowledge of technology. On the other hand, different users can easily access different parts of the site and choose the product they want and buy it.

3- Continuous update

Another advantage of such sites is their continuous and stable updates, which are done according to the needs of users. In this way, you don’t need to pay for updating your site, and you can easily have all kinds of plugins on your website.

4- Huge variety of formats

There are many different types of templates in ready-made websites, and you can choose any of them according to the type of business and the capabilities you want for the site. Because each FALB is usually used for a specific type of website. However, there are also multipurpose templates that can be used for any type of site.

Disadvantages of buying a ready-made online store

As the use of this type of websites has its own advantages, it also has disadvantages, some of which we will introduce below.

1- Lower speed

When users visit a website, they expect the desired site to be loaded in a very short time. Unlike dedicated store sites, ready-made sites have a lower loading speed, which can be considered one of the most important disadvantages of such websites.

2- Less security

One of the things that can be mentioned in the design of such sites is their low security compared to other methods of designing online sales sites. Of course, only some ready-made templates have a lower speed. Considering this issue, before choosing the template you want, do enough searches so that you can choose the best ones.

3- Being similar to other sites

Many ready-made templates are similar to each other, and for this reason, when buying a ready-made site, you may choose a template that has been used for other sites. On the other hand, because no special coding is used in their design, there is no possibility of unique personalization.


Do not be tired. You have reached the end of the article. In this article, we tried to help you in choosing the method of building your online platform by examining the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a dedicated online store and buying a store site. Finally, if you, dear readers, know other advantages about the store site, announce it.

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